Sunday, October 11, 2015

Bittersweet October

The table calendar with scenic beauty reminded that clock entered into the second week of October. She wrapped her eyeballs under the flimsy eyelids as an endeavor to forget the distressing past. And the lady of sleep slowly indulged her into her lap.

 “Congratulations! Mr. and Mrs Rao…you are soon going to be parents. Mrs. Rao, you need to take care of yourself now.  Your little one will be in your lap in the second week of October”.

She woke up when puffed and salted tears in massive droplets plunged on her Shiny red cheeks. Turmoil of emotions stirred like a directionless devastating cyclone.

The small nap acted as a crazy bitch revoking the memories which she was trying to bury forever. She moved her hand over her belly cursing all the gods out there for her fate. The miserable incident of miscarriage few months ago still haunted like a perilous phantom. Had that not happened, a little angel would have been in her arms by now.

On seeing her tear filled eyes, sunny jumped onto her making gentle noises and licking her hand. “Sunny” a crossbreed tiny pussy cat, a gift from her beloved husband is a new hope and remedy.

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