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Sindhura is a management grad with chronic love for writing. While reading keeps her awake, writing keeps her alive. She loves to read anything from a piece of torn paper to baffling thick books if the subject interests her.

Her journey as a writer began during her MBA days when she accidentally penned a poem, which was appreciated by her friends, who encouraged her to write more. That was the start and she went on to scribble all that strikes her mind.

Her penchant for creativity and fine arts landed her into classical singing and painting. Right from a sketch on the road to rangoli, pencil art, sculptures, graphic designing..etc everything under the umbrella of art entices her. She is an enthusiastic cook and an amateur photographer wishing to try her hand in baking and photography. Succinctly, she is an avid learner and jack of many trades.

She is a feminist and her articles are published by Womensweb.in. She is an author on board for Bridesessentials.in and guest author at Inkspace.co. Although she writes fiction and non fiction, she is often appreciated for her non fiction works. Sindhura is an aspiring novelist, script and screenplay writer and is currently working on her debut novel. Her long term goal is to become a successful entrepreneur. She also runs a page on Facebook by name "Humans of Hyderabad, India" and handles "The tale factory by Sindhura" on Instagram. When not weaving stories or lurking in her fancy world, she enjoys watching short films, documentaries, movies and takes interest in philanthropy.

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