Friday, January 26, 2018

Thug Life

On both the sides of my office building, two reputed MNC's are located.

The left hand side organisation has a huge office building with around 3-4 acres of refreshing garden. The layout of this garden is wisely designed to build an amphitheater, basketball court, badminton court, cricket ground, walking track and lush green grass planted all over. I also spotted a baby peacock last year. A look at the awesomeness during rains is a sheer joy.

The right hand side building also has a huge office and greenery all around. A plain ground filled with grass elevates its structure. J factor creeps in me watching people playing football during drizzles.

This concrete structure I am sitting in, with no external air flowing in, suffocates me. At times, it feels like jumping into the neighbourhood for fresh air, liveliness and freedom. And I so wish, they could accept everyone who jumps into their premises with a warm heart and an appointment letter with a 7 digit pay check.

As I think this, the other me throws a sarcastic laugh and exclaims “Grass is always green on the other side”

Thug life !

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