Sunday, December 10, 2017

Blind Date

To the man who asked me for a coffee date and didn’t turn up


It was after your constant follow up, I said “yes” for a cup of espresso. Unlike a regular day dress up, I garbed the neatly ironed floral gown. I had to beg my not-so-friendly cousin for few ml of her MAC pink lipgloss. You made the messy me hunt for Sephora mascara, white wedges and beads bracelet in the chaos cupboard of mine.

And then, I waited for you with my eyes wide open at the coffee shop. When you didn’t turn up even after an hour and when my artificial curls started to show its true colours, I plunged to leave furiously. Believe me, I would have punched your nose had you met me at that moment. I was leaving the coffee shop disheartened when I bumped into this handsome hunk by name “Peter Parkin”.

After the embarrassing moment, we looked at each other, giggled, apologised before staggering towards the door. He offered to give me a drop at the nearest bar. I am sure you are smart enough to guess the rest of the story. As they say, everything happens for good. I have not yet recovered from Peter Parkin’s charisma coupled with his impressive Irish accent.

So, thank you for this blind date and few selfies that I took awaiting you. One of the pics has crossed my all time record of pic likes and is falling short of just two likes for hitting 500. And the last favour I ask you is to “like” the cheek-to-cheek selfie of Peter and mine posted on my instagram handle.

The girl you missed

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