Sunday, December 10, 2017

An apple a day for good health. A good deed a day for happy soul

Maryam is a young, beautiful lady in her twenties. She is visiting the pearl city with her husband, who is invited for the World Entrepreneurship Summit from Bahrain. As her husband headed to attend the conference, Maryam decided to take a tour in the city and landed at the Forum Mall to do some shopping.

She was done with her shopping and was looking for some help to reach back to the hotel she was put in. The autowallas quoted some exhorbitant amount as usual. I noticed her when she was requesting the security guard and some dwellers to book a cab for her to Westin. Since no one was responding, she looked disappointed, lost and confused. I helped her book the cab and in the mean time I had a brief chat with her on their lifestyle, freedom for women, culture..etc. And gave her some tips on must visit places for shopping and fun in and around Hyderabad.

She is a lot more different than me in skin, religion, caste, country, economic status..blah blah. Albeit all the differences, we could connect, speak about her family, occupation, their religion. In no way, she looked different than any of my Indian sister in heart and mind. That made me wonder why do we carry this baggage of differences all our lives. In the end, it’s a human-human bonding. Nothing else.

Maryam, her gratitude filled eyes and words made me smile from the heart today. I hope she carries beautiful memories to her country back.

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