Sunday, August 6, 2017

Bitch, Side please !

I drove my yellow Scooty on the smooth, unimpeded road. It was a beautiful journey with Gulmohar and yellow Bougainvillea planted on either sides of the road. I joyously rode on the traffic less road until the red signal interrupted my speed.

A thundering Royal enfield came from behind and stood next to my Scooty. The hunk driving it looked rakishly handsome with french beard and biceps. He enticing looked at me and I reciprocated. I took off my helmet, pulled down the hand printed colourful scarf, untied my hair and adjusted bangs on my forehead.

I looked at him again. He did too and I guess, our eyes spoke. The monsoon pleasant weather added the feel.

The next minute a sheeny black benz rushed annoyingly and came to a halt beside his bike interrupting our mutual admiration. Slowly, the window of the car came down. The "Gori Chitti" wore tube top, nauseating perfume and had utter disgusting green and yellow shaded hair. I could see piercings and tatoos on her body.

Chewing the gum, she pushed the shades over her head and winked at the hunk.

Signal turned green. Hunk followed her car.

"Bitch" I yelled. 

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