Sunday, July 9, 2017

Calling Card

I randomly looked at my office id card that I have been hanging around for few years now. As I observed few droplets of water under the plastic sheet that protected the card, I tried to wipe the same against the cotton kurta I was wearing. It was long after I did that, a realization occurred to me that the tissues provided in office were meant for that purpose and my kurta deserves something better.

Then, abruptly a thought flashed my mind. A keen stare at the faint yellow ID card took me back to more memories and this little identity is growing a shade darker every few days. This has been my honour, dishonour, confidence, respect, assurance, fear, comfort, failure, hope, despair, win and loss at different levels.

Now, I feel the desperate need to return it.

And perhaps the card is in so much love with me, it says "I see I see I see - I - can't let you go anywhere so soon!!”

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