Tuesday, June 20, 2017

For the love of Mani Ratnam

For the man who rules millions of hearts through his stories
For the man who has showed me luring faces of Madhavan, Arvind Swamy, Siddharth
For the man who drifts my soul into the magical world of Cinema
For the man who makes me weep, emotional, think, grin with his every piece of work
For the man who gives visual treat of hopeless romance and love
For the man who creates awe-inspiring, strong, candid characters
For the man who depicts ugly truths of life in a subtle manner
For the man who taught me life lessons that no text book taught
For the man with extraordinary taste of music. For collaborating with Ilayaraja and AR to give us mellifluous tunes.

Thank you for Nayakan, Roja, Sakhi, Ravanan, Geetanjali, Amruta, Bombay, Guru, Anjali, Dalapathi, Mounaraagam and all.

You are an icon. You are an enigma. You are a legend. You are more than that. May you touch the highest number a human can possibly live.

Happy Birthday Mani Sir !!!

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