Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Afternoon with Ammamma

After attending a cousin's wedding on a sultry day, exhausted I was, I tried to take a nap and relax while sharing the bed with my maternal grandmother. My granny felt happy that she finally had someone who can lend ears. Granny's tales began with her financial accounts, grandfather's jail life and his contribution during Independence, her sisters, cousins, brothers, complaints about her sons and daughter in laws, daughters and finally grand children.

She then started praising some of her granddaughters - Mrs X, Miss Y and some distant cousin of mine. I patiently waited but my turn of glory never came.

I thought Mrs X, Miss Y are giving me serious granddaughter goals.
Finally, she expressed displeasure about few grandchildren who didn't visit her or call her often. She whined about grandchild Mr. A, Mrs B..etc. Having sensed the intensity of the situation, I slowly fled from there before my turn came.

P.S. Aforementioned is what I wrote earlier. But, I later realised perhaps we have become mean in our own busy lives and do not take out time to talk or spend with our grandparents often. What is that my granny expects or rather any grandparents expect from us ? Just few words of love and gratitude. Nothing more. Having brought up 9 children, 22 grand children, 21 great grand children (still counting), 1 great great grand child (still counting), her siblings families and their grand children, at the age of 90, she just needs a lending ear, warming heart, empathetic people around her.

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