Saturday, May 13, 2017

Misogyny in the Uterus

We have spoken to the men, chauvinists, misogynists and the privileged gender. But today,

I am talking to that mother who
Who disowned the days old girl baby
Who do not see the need for my schooling
Who stops me from jumping and playing
Who counsels me to work on my dark skin
Because girls are meant not to be born, educated or play
They are supposed to look fair, cook and protect their hymen

I am talking to that friend
Who tells me how dangerous it to dream
Who cautions about my nocturnal activities
Who judges me, gossips about my breasts and butt
Because girls are meant to not step out, laugh loud and expose skin
They are presumed to play deaf, dumb and execute the rules

I am talking to that sister
Who advises me to look Indian
Who shares the secrets of pleasing husband
Who warns me of my blatant voice
Because girls are meant only to satisfy, entertain, perform
They are assumed to accommodate, abide and endure

I am talking to that Mother-in-law
Who draws lakshman rekha around my feet
Who is concerned of her lineage
Who constantly looks out for my flaws
Because girls are meant to be taken for granted, mortified and killed
They are supposed to nod yes, bleed and procreate

Dear Mother, Sister, friend
Why do you want me to carry and sell
The rotten past and horrifying hell
And not yell, I urge you to tell
Or empathize my feel.

Girls may not be the goddesses or the princesses
They are the sapiens, akin to the other animals
Seeking their freedom of speech, wander and dream
And being born as a girl is not a crime
They can do more than serving lime
Do you get it at least this time?

Dear Mother, Sister, Friend,
I am talking for the sanity of our gender,
To empower the purity of our tribe,
Slaying the insecurities of generations          
It is not the Greek god or the self-proclaimed lad
Who is going to save us and hence I take this pride
To lay the thorn less road for the daughters of tomorrow
Try to follow me, if not allow me not disown me

Nevertheless, I shall wallow this battle till death swallows me

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