Saturday, May 13, 2017

A day of retrospection

While birthdays are more of days of celebration to many, for me from past 4-5 years this day has been a day of retrospection. A gush of feelings pass through me. Involuntarily, I travel back in time to look at how the year has passed - Not on good, bad, ugly, awesome, happy, sad moments. Well! All these emotions are ephemeral and relative. Period, I understood that. It is all about where I stood, where I stand and where I wish to stand. 

Each passing year reminds me and puts a hell lot of pressure on me to do better, run fast to achieve my goals. You see this day reminds you that you are going closer to nature. And I am stimuled to position myself better not just in terms of success, money, identity but most importantly as a person.

So, on this day, I do not wish for years of wealth indulgence, painlessness and exclusive happiness. I pray for a life of odds and evens, challenges and cakewalks, blessings and despairs, darkness and illuminations so as to become strong, grounded, balanced, tranquil and mature. To become more kind, humble, compassionate, forgiving and generous. To learn and read more. To embrace art, nature, relationships and goodness. To lead a quality and a peaceful life. To live upto the word "Human".

"A day remains the same even if you enter a new year, decade or era if you refuse to evolve than your previous day"

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