Monday, March 13, 2017

Hyderabad Metro's Extended Timelines

Dear Government,

Hello!! You there..

Thank you but we don't need it anymore.

We have survived all these years making our ways gleefully on parched roads narrowed maximum with potholes which are eternally filled with squalored liquid that I don't call water anymore. Occasionally, rain water also graces them. I am privileged to travel on these paths shedding hefty amounts to Uber, Ola and Auto rickshaws. But, I see people making it hard to cross crests and troughs of filthy stony road; the blue-collar worker pushing hard his bicycle; that Amma struggling her feet with vegetable basket on her head; the kid who attends municipal school moans due to endocarp he stamps. Well! This is nothing, we had child births, demises, accidents, weddings on these roads and we now got used to it. Our children shall also get used. Oh.. it's neither you nor your long pending metro works. Traffic diversions are least of our problems. We are happily taking the long road akin to "find your home" puzzle in my Sunday magazine. Our asses are now accustomed to bumps. At times, our butts inadvertently raise themselves while travelling on familiar roads. I know it is our fault that we are unable to afford high end cars with seamless aerodynamic tyres.

All your plans of metro looks marvel on papers, laminated frame boards. Go ahead and present it to your high esteem including foreign regimes. You know what? sometimes few things are flawless in prototypes and never should be executed. We may be disappointed post metro operational (Not virtually) to gaze the cracked walls, unfunctional elevators, sporadic trains, squalored floors at metro stations. So, I say, let it be.

This has nothing to do with Congress or TRS or BJP or TDP. Let them fight, collaborate, joke, get corrupt, blame each other, taunt, dissolve or whatever. My mundane life, congested roads, traffic jams are trivial problems of no importance. I am a common man/woman who doesn't understand politics. For me Government is Government!! Nevertheless, I will vote and pay taxes without default.

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