Monday, March 13, 2017

A day after International Women's Day

Dear Men,

We are extremely humbled and thankful for the love and gesture you have showered on us today in the form of cards, chocolates, flowers, messages.
To the random guy in the auto who wished me, to the group of male colleagues who distributed chocolates and greeted at the office entrance, to the juice vendor who served an extra ml of milk shake, to that restaurant owner who out poured his generosity in the form of discount coupons, to husbands and boyfriends who treated us with perfumes and dinners, to all men who did kind acts today.

Will you remain the same tomorrow?

Will you allow us to grow and hold equal positions in the society?
Will you stop doing marital rapes?
Will you wash dishes willingly?
Will you terminate raping children, old women or any woman?
Will you take equal responsibility of raising a child?
Will you pay us equal?
Will you stoop your male ego to our level?
Will you stop staring us at bus stops?
Will you ban abusing us?
Will you stop masturbating and jumping on us lecherously?
Will you stop groping and molesting us at gatherings?
Will you make us reach our homes safe?
Will you intercept feeling superior and start treating us equal?

Will you?

We do not want 30 percent, we deserve 50 percent. Do not help us, allow us to make our way to reach there. Just DONT make us feel special for few hours, be considerate and compassionate towards us always. We want to co-exist with you PEACEFULLY and HAPPILY throughout 24x7, 365 days.

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