Monday, March 13, 2017

Hyderabad Metro's Extended Timelines

Dear Government,

Hello!! You there..

Thank you but we don't need it anymore.

We have survived all these years making our ways gleefully on parched roads narrowed maximum with potholes which are eternally filled with squalored liquid that I don't call water anymore. Occasionally, rain water also graces them. I am privileged to travel on these paths shedding hefty amounts to Uber, Ola and Auto rickshaws. But, I see people making it hard to cross crests and troughs of filthy stony road; the blue-collar worker pushing hard his bicycle; that Amma struggling her feet with vegetable basket on her head; the kid who attends municipal school moans due to endocarp he stamps. Well! This is nothing, we had child births, demises, accidents, weddings on these roads and we now got used to it. Our children shall also get used. Oh.. it's neither you nor your long pending metro works. Traffic diversions are least of our problems. We are happily taking the long road akin to "find your home" puzzle in my Sunday magazine. Our asses are now accustomed to bumps. At times, our butts inadvertently raise themselves while travelling on familiar roads. I know it is our fault that we are unable to afford high end cars with seamless aerodynamic tyres.

All your plans of metro looks marvel on papers, laminated frame boards. Go ahead and present it to your high esteem including foreign regimes. You know what? sometimes few things are flawless in prototypes and never should be executed. We may be disappointed post metro operational (Not virtually) to gaze the cracked walls, unfunctional elevators, sporadic trains, squalored floors at metro stations. So, I say, let it be.

This has nothing to do with Congress or TRS or BJP or TDP. Let them fight, collaborate, joke, get corrupt, blame each other, taunt, dissolve or whatever. My mundane life, congested roads, traffic jams are trivial problems of no importance. I am a common man/woman who doesn't understand politics. For me Government is Government!! Nevertheless, I will vote and pay taxes without default.

A day after International Women's Day

Dear Men,

We are extremely humbled and thankful for the love and gesture you have showered on us today in the form of cards, chocolates, flowers, messages.
To the random guy in the auto who wished me, to the group of male colleagues who distributed chocolates and greeted at the office entrance, to the juice vendor who served an extra ml of milk shake, to that restaurant owner who out poured his generosity in the form of discount coupons, to husbands and boyfriends who treated us with perfumes and dinners, to all men who did kind acts today.

Will you remain the same tomorrow?

Will you allow us to grow and hold equal positions in the society?
Will you stop doing marital rapes?
Will you wash dishes willingly?
Will you terminate raping children, old women or any woman?
Will you take equal responsibility of raising a child?
Will you pay us equal?
Will you stoop your male ego to our level?
Will you stop staring us at bus stops?
Will you ban abusing us?
Will you stop masturbating and jumping on us lecherously?
Will you stop groping and molesting us at gatherings?
Will you make us reach our homes safe?
Will you intercept feeling superior and start treating us equal?

Will you?

We do not want 30 percent, we deserve 50 percent. Do not help us, allow us to make our way to reach there. Just DONT make us feel special for few hours, be considerate and compassionate towards us always. We want to co-exist with you PEACEFULLY and HAPPILY throughout 24x7, 365 days.

Monday, March 6, 2017

The great failures of a Modern Girl

She was a curious little kid, innocent and cute looking. She was born and bought up in a large family with several cousins of various age groups. When she was perhaps 6, an elder cousin of her hauled her into the bathroom in an isolated house. Before she deciphered the happening, he enjoyed her private parts. She couldn’t scream or retaliate for he was elder than her by 20 years. That was her first failure.

One day when she was 15, a gang of despicable youngsters stood at the street corner passing lewd comments. On her hips, lips and all tangible parts. Outraged she was, she staggered ahead to give a tight slap. She stepped back when potential perils of acid attacks intimidated her. Yet, another failure.
Another day in college, she was reprimanded by a professor for her dupatta less garb. “What has my duppatta got to do with my studies” was what she wanted to question. She couldn’t utter a single word because her honors’ degree was her obligation. Failure,  yet again.

She was in her boss’s cabin along with the other colleagues for an annual review. Excited everyone was to know their perks. She was too. Dejected she became, when denied deserved promotion for she refused to oblige her superior’s invitation for a drink and a date. Her employment was essential to run the house. So, another breakdown added to the list.

Beautiful she was in vivacious red lehenga.  But, her eyes looked dull and swollen. A whooping sum of money and ornaments were paid to them in the form of “dowry”. She screamed in silence. The worst dream came true. She was working, intelligent, educated. Are these not enough reason to get married without any conditions? What is the difference between him and her? Do you say the human on the other of Mandap can eject some x number of sperms? That’s it!! Is that the only difference? But, again she couldn’t retort, this time for her ailing parents.

He took her for granted. She was a victim of his antagonism. Sadistic, obnoxious, sexist he was whom she called her husband.  She never had guts to bid farewell to unrelenting abusive relationship. She feared the despondent gossip and insult from the society.

By now she lost count of her failures. She was tolerant to this incessant hassle. The saga continued every day, every instance. She in the story could have been you, me or any other woman.

People called her "21st Century’s Modern Girl" when she was born. But, is she?

How do you define a modern girl?

Modern girl is not the one who gets the privilege to attend an international school or a foreign university. She is not the one who wears voluptuous short skirts and intriguing perfumes. She is not to be judged by her blonde red lipstick and thick kohl. She is not confined to the kitchen. She is not a sex object.

Modern girl is the one who palpably voices her opinion. The one who retorts the ordeal she is subjected to. Who slams patriarchy and refuses to bow to it. She is deeper than her attractive boobs and vagina.  She blatantly talks about her sexual desires and menstrual cycles. Marriage or Motherhood is her choice and not a society standard. Long hair or boy cut, it is her pride. She gracefully walks away from an abusive, unpleasant relationship.  In 6 yards Saree or 6 inches cloth, she not vulnerable.  She does not succumb to obscene remarks. She is bold with indomitable spirit. She is not hesitant to open about her sexuality.  She steps confidently in all walks of life. She wants to be heard and acknowledged as a fellow human.  She stands for herself. She is empathetic, forgiving, boisterous, discreet, assertive and confident.

If you are failing to become this, then lady take a rebirth right now or few centuries later because if you remain the way you are, this cruel world will engulf you into its darkness.

So, shine on ladies unleashing your potential and celebrate womanhood.