Friday, February 24, 2017

Why NRI groom is not my first choice

I happened to bump into a school friend of mine recently. And we had a gala time reliving our childhood days. Before parting our ways, she gave me tight hug and said "It is all different there. Life has become so mechanical. Five days at work, attending parties or visiting places on weekends has become mundane and lifeless". This friend of mine moved to USA post marriage. During our conversation She inquisitively enquired if I am interested in marrying a NRI and fly overseas. I kept pondering over this and gave my reasons why wouldn't choose a NRI groom. Because...

  • Because I am gonna miss savouring pani pouri every other messy day at workplace
  • Because I don't want to sacrifice a flourishing career and start it all over again
  • Because I dont want to give a break to my career only to clean utensils and wash clothes after moving out of India
  • Because I wanna fulfill my dream of working for an NGO or good cause and that too for the people of my country
  • Because I don't wanna miss the bliss of listening to classical concerts every weekend and seldom I get perks like selfies and autographs of the celebrities. Who would want to miss that!
  • Because I love spending time with my family, pampered by aunties and grannies for few days a year
  •  Because I wanna to get lost in the vivid hues of overcrowded streets in Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi
  • Because I am more comfortable wearing a saree in India than a short with crop top in Vegas
  • Because warmth of this country entices me to fall in love over and again
  • Because I enjoy eating chana and bhel puri at Marine drive than having hotdogs or hamburger overlooking liberty statue
  • Because I crave for Anna's filter coffee and desi wada pav every now and then
  • Because I would miss peace at Grandmom's backyard in the country side, sitting under age old tamarind tree, gulping maize or bunch of custard apples while listening Md Rafi on Grandpa's old Radio

And because of many elusive reasons, most importantly I do NOT want to lose myself.

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