Saturday, February 4, 2017

My struggle with extra Calories

Last year was extremely disappointing for me. Life was acting like a crazy bitch with her repeated vengeance against me. More like a step mother who taunts without any reason. In order to cope with life and building my strength to face unexpected circumstances, I happened to ignore my health. Healthy intake of food, regular work out, hair and skin care were all kept at bay. When in Mumbai my darling foster mother Deepanjali, foster sister Amrita and a rommie ensured I stay extra fit, so they fed me incessantly increasing my diet capacity. My body too responded well to them though my mind warned of gluttony. And the obvious consequence was addition of adipose layers to my body. In addition to this, my stay in Hyderabad doubled the chances of not shedding any but restoring fat cells owing to the love of family in the form of rice with sambar and home made delicacies.That was inevitable.

All this happened and I was oblivious. I continued my routine until one day clothes in my wardrobe cracked jokes when I tried to put it on. Really! Did I gain that much? was my reaction. And another day a super enthusiastic friend of mine took me to doctors room and forced me to check my weight. I saw it and felt a heavy stone thrown at my heart. I gained some XY kgs in few months. Hey Ram! I exclaimed and thought it was high time I took this seriously. I felt difficulty in singing, walking and breathing. Later, after taking my sweet time I started jogging and enrolled in gym. Gradually, monstrous fat cells broke day by day for 3 months inducing terrible pain.

Here, I am not yet back to recommend weight and once again I am upset with my performance. Heck!! But, I shall continue my stints in hope to win the battle someday.

I will defend my incompetence by naming hereditary, low metabolic syndrome, my body can never degrow, chubby is cherubic..etc. Just kidding.

To all who are struggling like me, hifi from here, I am with you to accept our bodies and harsh realities and being skinny is too mainstream!! What say?

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