Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Love Story In 200 BC

Once lived a Sculptor,
Who desired to carve
An exquisite piece of statuette
A delicate, beautiful and attractive one
He travelled through deserts and plateaus
In search of an inspiration

Once lived a princess,
Who desired to find true love
That will engulf her in bliss and peace
Far away from cruel and indifferent world
She sat down at the embankment for days
In search of her soul mate

One day when sky had full moon
She walked twitchily from the embankment
He was resting under the Banyan tree
After a long day in scorching heat
Sun absconded behind the mountains
Stars shone in silence one by one

She hassled to the palace
Her anklets moved swiftly clamoring vivaciously
“Who is that?” He solicited
She looked back in epiphany
Strangers met under the banyan tree
Their eyes spoke till wee hours

Guards came in search of the princess
She refused to budge and wouldn’t care
“Throw the fellow into the river”
Ordered the furious king
“Krishna!!!“ She grieved, none rescued
He was gone, far away from her sullen eyes

Grandeur celebrations roared in the palace
After all it was the wedding of their darling princess
Rubies, emeralds and diamonds adored ubiquitously
Exception; the precious heart of the empress
She strode to the darkest of the rooms
Locked herself for days; “Vasanta, Vasanta!!” sobbed the Queen
There was no end for her trauma
Her eyes lost appeal and life was mundane
Whispers spread across the country like a grapevine
Their charming Princess needs a doctor
To cure her ailing illness for she was suffering
From ludicrous hysteria, a rare case

She was carried in palanquin
By multiple bearers of the troupe
To the sages deep in woods and wild
In the valleys of Vindhyaas
In hope to treat their enchantress
And  bring back vivacity in her life

Troupe reached the embankment
River Breeze touched her gently
She turned her head up and looked around
Nostalgia!! She could see him under the Banyan
“Stop the Palanquin!” She ordered
Closing her eyes, she escaped into the Styx

“Love found its way, not so long ago,
I shall find her, never again too late”
Sailed the fisherman, humming his way
He hauled the fishnet, heavy than never
Alas!! He said, it is not a cadaver
Lady in red, still did breathe

He sailed to the shore
Sun retired from the day
Princess was treated, the whole night
She moved her eyes, to the squatting noise
Her body budged taking a deep breathe
Sigh!! “Why I am saved?” she lamented
The noise grew loud elevating her curiosity

She walked up the hill in anxiety
Looked around to find someone
Gazing at the statue, she stood standstill
Was that her? Her hands moved tenderly
On the sculpture, feeling the soreness
She turned around to glance the creator

There he stood, smiling in rain
He couldn’t believe the relieving pain
His long lost memory emanated in an instinct
Her face; the only reminiscence from his past
Princess and Sculptor, no longer strangers
There they lived, up on the hill ever after

The fisherman sailed in the river, humming
“Love found its way, not so long ago,
I shall find her, never again too late
The sacred eyes spoke once more
On full moon day, Love found its way
And it prevailed ever and ever"

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