Saturday, February 18, 2017

Letter from the Bride-to-be

Dear Fiance,

It was overwhelming to see a letter from you. Your letter not just clarified few inhibitions I have been carrying since my childhood like any other Indian girl but also bought solace to me amidst this chaos and emotional turmoil I am going through. So, my heartfelt thank you and much love from here!

Do you remember the first day we met? We spoke for about 2 hours while our families were relishing snacks and giggling in the other room. And that day I knew, if not for a husband I made a good friend with whom I can chat about science, books, music, world politics, economics, social issues and many more. Most importantly you made me feel comfortable and be what I am unlike a formal meeting where girls would shy staying aloof for the fears known.

As a child growing up I have learned about atrocities faced by women in Indian societies and I am greatly influenced by issues like gender equality, women empowerment,. .etc. Thank you for affirming your belief in these things and hope you will stand up literally in future during our parenthood or extending your hand for domestic help during my erratic working hours or otherwise. And yes, that’s also a hinting you that I would want to continue to work because along with monetary benefits it also showers me with impalpable constituents like confidence, self respect..etc.

Indian girls are strenuously forced to acquire skills like cooking, serving, cleaning, art of rangoli, crafting. I too have learned few such skills but out of my sheer passion towards them. Cooking is an art still to be mastered and I am sure we can learn it together. Having said about my neoteric thoughts doesn’t imply that I am boisterous or indiscreet. Standing on the right side and for self rights is extremely important for today’s women. Being vociferous does not always bring troubles but if conveyed in good sense will solve the issues too. So, in future I may strongly support, stand up for things I believe in and that shouldn’t leave a scratch in our relationship. That’s a bad dream. I hope you will understand and acting wisely we can amicably solve the issues.

It is wrong a perception older generation have about today’s daughters-in-law. We are not nefarious individuals wanting for a nuclear family or detach their sons from their parents. We are educated, rationals wishing for a happy family. I am glad that your parents will be living with us and frankly I always wanted that. I want my children to grow up in their company seeking traditions, knowledge and blessings. While I teach my kids about Harry Potter and Enid Blyton, your parents can impart teachings of Mahabharata and Panchatantra.

Certainly, I wouldn’t want to relinquish my skills, books, thoughts that defined my attitude. I am retaining my surname too. I hope to meet your expectations and will do my best to keep this relationship alive, entertaining. Men like you are rare and I feel lucky for this blessing. A room for my belongings, a heartwarming position on your family board, and an undefined arena in your heart is all I crave for. I am not looking forward for a mere life with you but a beautiful life. I promise to stay with you through thick and thin. I think I am already in love with the letter, you and the future ahead. Please continue to show your refinement raising the bars.

Yours lovingly, 
Bride to be

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