Saturday, February 25, 2017

Dear NRI's and Expatriates, INDIA Welcomes you!!

Last week I attended a family wedding and bumped into many of my forgotten cousins and family friends. It was exuberance watching them giggling under one roof. Few couldn't make it to the event due to their toiled work life and their global presence. The obvious common situation in Gult (Telugu) families is that at least one child in the family is an engineer and is settled in USA. As a gesture behaving like a good girl, I engaged in wishing and greeting people. I met this sweet lady, a mid 60's aunty who is a family friend of ours. I enquired about her health and then asked her casually about their son and daughter in law staying in Colarado. I saw an awkward hesitation in her face. Apparently, I asked her about her Son's next visit to India and how frequent they visit Hyderabad. The moment this topic emerged, the old lady threw a fake smile at me and said she is not sure of their visit due to panic in US regulations on H1 visa. I smiled at her and looked around. There were many parents of NRI children present there, who once upon a time had sparkling eyes filled with pride when spoke about their kids and grand kids living in the US. It is always a matter of prestige when a child is in the US or UK.

But what has gone wrong? Why did this woman waffle?

This is inevitable when the President of the most developed nation USA makes some terrifying statements. And so, the Indian parents are going through a strange fear for their children and their future. I can totally empathise with the uncertainty you are going through. For years money, good infrastructure, quality life style has been a driving force to migrate to US. Is that the only motivation?

Well! Then you need to know something. In the past few hours you were on your flight to overseas we have evolved. Our super genius scientists at ISRO must have accomplished something in astronomical sciences. Our economy must have recorded a substantial growth. Hundreds of startups took birth; Thousands of children have begun attending school; few women have walked out from their kitchens to board rooms.

And people staying in overseas for decades, how frequently do you guys visit India? Do you know what’s happening here? Let me take this honour to tell you. This country you left is no longer the same. We are transforming imbibing technology and Knowledge. Our economy is growing. We have the best international schools, gated communities and prestigious universities and well paid MNCs. Every instance we are stepping ahead towards success. We are relentlessly working to mark India in World Map and in the infinite Universe.

Today USA has announced stringent reforms. My heart is weeping seeing the ordeal you are going through. At airports, restaurants, shopping markets. I am losing a part of me hearing the stories of gunshots you are enduring. People will start migrating to another country. I came across an article that says Canada is making reforms to attract foreigners. How is your future guaranteed in that land? God forbid! if the highest authority of that country turns into a megalomaniac preposterous democrat like that of US. Will you look for another country? How long? 

We are trying to put our best to make India a developed country. I with my minimalist knowledge on economics can tell you that "the future is in the developing nation". I am proud to be part of this expansion. My dear NRI’S, we do not need your investment. We need you, the highly educated skilled individuals to lend a helping hand in our growth. You are sure to find a job here. If you don’t, consider yourself to be lucky. This is a land of opportunities. With the experience gained there, transform lives of people here. Who knows you may start your company providing numerous jobs to jobless and beat the competition at Silicon Valley.

We are inviting not because of perils you are exposed to. This is ephemeral. Our invite is because we love you, care for you and need you. I understand the hesitation in your decision. Are you afraid of mocking from your relatives and friends? Oh don’t! Give a damn to it! It is moment of pride for us. Come on you stars, be a part of this success story.

In the end we all crave for a safe and secure place. My dear brothers and sisters, an unsolicited advice from me; There is solace in your Mother's lap and Motherland. A flock of birds eventually return to their nests wherever they wander.

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