Saturday, February 25, 2017

Dear NRI's and Expatriates, INDIA Welcomes you!!

Last week I attended a family wedding and bumped into many of my forgotten cousins and family friends. It was exuberance watching them giggling under one roof. Few couldn't make it to the event due to their toiled work life and their global presence. The obvious common situation in Gult (Telugu) families is that at least one child in the family is an engineer and is settled in USA. As a gesture behaving like a good girl, I engaged in wishing and greeting people. I met this sweet lady, a mid 60's aunty who is a family friend of ours. I enquired about her health and then asked her casually about their son and daughter in law staying in Colarado. I saw an awkward hesitation in her face. Apparently, I asked her about her Son's next visit to India and how frequent they visit Hyderabad. The moment this topic emerged, the old lady threw a fake smile at me and said she is not sure of their visit due to panic in US regulations on H1 visa. I smiled at her and looked around. There were many parents of NRI children present there, who once upon a time had sparkling eyes filled with pride when spoke about their kids and grand kids living in the US. It is always a matter of prestige when a child is in the US or UK.

But what has gone wrong? Why did this woman waffle?

This is inevitable when the President of the most developed nation USA makes some terrifying statements. And so, the Indian parents are going through a strange fear for their children and their future. I can totally empathise with the uncertainty you are going through. For years money, good infrastructure, quality life style has been a driving force to migrate to US. Is that the only motivation?

Well! Then you need to know something. In the past few hours you were on your flight to overseas we have evolved. Our super genius scientists at ISRO must have accomplished something in astronomical sciences. Our economy must have recorded a substantial growth. Hundreds of startups took birth; Thousands of children have begun attending school; few women have walked out from their kitchens to board rooms.

And people staying in overseas for decades, how frequently do you guys visit India? Do you know what’s happening here? Let me take this honour to tell you. This country you left is no longer the same. We are transforming imbibing technology and Knowledge. Our economy is growing. We have the best international schools, gated communities and prestigious universities and well paid MNCs. Every instance we are stepping ahead towards success. We are relentlessly working to mark India in World Map and in the infinite Universe.

Today USA has announced stringent reforms. My heart is weeping seeing the ordeal you are going through. At airports, restaurants, shopping markets. I am losing a part of me hearing the stories of gunshots you are enduring. People will start migrating to another country. I came across an article that says Canada is making reforms to attract foreigners. How is your future guaranteed in that land? God forbid! if the highest authority of that country turns into a megalomaniac preposterous democrat like that of US. Will you look for another country? How long? 

We are trying to put our best to make India a developed country. I with my minimalist knowledge on economics can tell you that "the future is in the developing nation". I am proud to be part of this expansion. My dear NRI’S, we do not need your investment. We need you, the highly educated skilled individuals to lend a helping hand in our growth. You are sure to find a job here. If you don’t, consider yourself to be lucky. This is a land of opportunities. With the experience gained there, transform lives of people here. Who knows you may start your company providing numerous jobs to jobless and beat the competition at Silicon Valley.

We are inviting not because of perils you are exposed to. This is ephemeral. Our invite is because we love you, care for you and need you. I understand the hesitation in your decision. Are you afraid of mocking from your relatives and friends? Oh don’t! Give a damn to it! It is moment of pride for us. Come on you stars, be a part of this success story.

In the end we all crave for a safe and secure place. My dear brothers and sisters, an unsolicited advice from me; There is solace in your Mother's lap and Motherland. A flock of birds eventually return to their nests wherever they wander.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Why NRI groom is not my first choice

I happened to bump into a school friend of mine recently. And we had a gala time reliving our childhood days. Before parting our ways, she gave me tight hug and said "It is all different there. Life has become so mechanical. Five days at work, attending parties or visiting places on weekends has become mundane and lifeless". This friend of mine moved to USA post marriage. During our conversation She inquisitively enquired if I am interested in marrying a NRI and fly overseas. I kept pondering over this and gave my reasons why wouldn't choose a NRI groom. Because...

  • Because I am gonna miss savouring pani pouri every other messy day at workplace
  • Because I don't want to sacrifice a flourishing career and start it all over again
  • Because I dont want to give a break to my career only to clean utensils and wash clothes after moving out of India
  • Because I wanna fulfill my dream of working for an NGO or good cause and that too for the people of my country
  • Because I don't wanna miss the bliss of listening to classical concerts every weekend and seldom I get perks like selfies and autographs of the celebrities. Who would want to miss that!
  • Because I love spending time with my family, pampered by aunties and grannies for few days a year
  •  Because I wanna to get lost in the vivid hues of overcrowded streets in Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi
  • Because I am more comfortable wearing a saree in India than a short with crop top in Vegas
  • Because warmth of this country entices me to fall in love over and again
  • Because I enjoy eating chana and bhel puri at Marine drive than having hotdogs or hamburger overlooking liberty statue
  • Because I crave for Anna's filter coffee and desi wada pav every now and then
  • Because I would miss peace at Grandmom's backyard in the country side, sitting under age old tamarind tree, gulping maize or bunch of custard apples while listening Md Rafi on Grandpa's old Radio

And because of many elusive reasons, most importantly I do NOT want to lose myself.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Not being Daddy's Lil girl

It is ubiquitous to come across pics of girls posing with their Dad's and the description reads "My First hero", "Dad's lil girl" or "Best Dad ever". Somehow I never relate to this idea of Dad's lil girl. I have been bought up in a conservative environment in a middle class family where education was the utmost important thing in life and all others came next. With all strict rules like no bunking school and tuition, daily study hours, no cable, early to bed early to rise..etc. I was accustomed to certain pattern of life style. Pampering children was a rare sight. I was not often bought pretty dolls, soft toys and my parents told me to understand that everything I asked will not be given. Essential requirements were fulfilled but nothing was given in excess. I too was matured for my age and I don't remember insisting them for a toy, barbies or sandals. I was happy with whatever I got. So, where are we? Pampering….was never my Mom or Dad's thing.

The conservative orthodox society I grew up had protocols in caressing or coaxing children, especially a girl child. Where hugging or expressing love to fathers or for say elderly men in the family is not so common. I was no exception. My equation with my dad is elusive.  I have huge arguments with him incessantly. Almost on everything, from enrolling in a good school to selecting a groom. We are never on same page, forget page not even in single book. Our perspectives divulge broadly. He reprimands me, I nastily yell at him. Phoning him for a pleasant chat or regular chitchat is uncommon unless he answers Mamma's phone when she is not around or if there is any important thing to be discussed.

As a child I missed to steal that extra attention at times that my brother received for the only fact that he is the keeper of our surname. Nevertheless, my place I know is unconquerable. I can relate totally to a teenage guy complaining about his nagging Daddy. Probably because my dad subconsciously bought me up like a boy and not like a girl devoid of snuggling. He never said he loves me, neither did I. But he took all efforts to fill my forms and polish my shoes. He will certainly not shy away to do the same even today if given a chance. He packed my bags, carried them and waited for hours till my train left the station. He bought my favourite food and fruits. In my every walk, he played a major role.

But he evolved in last few decades from stubborn orthodox to a forgiving modernist. Not completely but to certain extent. He is a more like an ugly sibling you never liked and fought always for petty things. I do quarrel with him for a piece of chocolate even today. Nobody can beat his preposterous decisions. If I attribute my creative skills to my mom, my intellectual skills are inherited from him. He is man of rare species. My dad, I feel is a ludicrous enigma. He is my conspicuous pill of energy. He will not stop being protective and I will not stop being reactive. No matter how old I grow. I want to travel world with him to sand filled deserts, dense forests, developed nations, seven wonders. Few call him intelligent muggin. I call him Dad and our saga continues.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Sindhura's Retrogression theory

Do you remember Charles Darwin's theory of evolution? I vividly remember it with pictographs. Solely, because of two important reasons.  Anything that is explained in diagrams always entices me and secondly this was a compulsory question in all the exams throughout the year. Theory of human evolution states that "in due course of evolution process anatomically modern humans (Homo sapiens) are born from Apes and Chimpanzees". There are several disciplines of sciences which contribute to this argument. We are not getting there. In case you are interested to rewind your basics, borrow a 7th grade science text book. Well, theory of evolution is the most accepted theory worldwide.

Ever wondered how will we "Homo sapiens" end? Did anyone propose any regressive theory? Few scientist of 19th century believed in devolution process and have conducted experiments on sea squirrel. However, this hypothesis was not successfully substantiated.  Since my childhood I am bored of hearing those big bang and black whole theories which have put forward flinching tales of collision of stars or mass in universe that will eventually lead to explosion of Earth. This still is not a widely accepted theory and just when people prepared themselves to terminals in 2012, our great scientists have declared that we still have time. Sigh! People took deep breath and engaged in their routine chores.

I am not sure about collision of planets/stars in the galaxy but the circumstances at global level will surely support my theory of devolution. Let us apply Newton's third law "Every action has equal and opposite reaction" process. Evolution, the natural process is no exception and shall be ennobled to the Newton’s law. If the earlier is a progressive, the later is supposed to be a regressive. Many massive obnoxious, dreadful, brutal events occurring across the globe made me to come up with this explanation on regression of human life. Let's name it "Theory of Retrogression".

Human is supposedly is the most intellectual animal boastfully dominating all living species on Earth. When it is so, we should behave subtle, intellectual, harmless and courteous. Are we really?

  • The Earth is losing its ability to absorb dangerous levels of carbon dioxide as mankind pumps more pollution than ever into the atmosphere, a new study has found. Environmental pollution has grown into a global transboundary problem that  effects air,  water, soil and ecosystems, and is linked directly to human health and well-being
  • Outdoor air pollution has grown 8% globally in the past five years, with billions of people around the world now exposed to dangerous air, according to new data from more than 3,000 cities compiled by the World Health Organization (WHO)
  • A United Nations statistical report compiled from government sources showed that more than 250,000 cases of rape or attempted rape were recorded by police annually. The reported data covered 65 countries
  • A growing body of research also suggests that rising income inequality is the cause of economic and social ills, ranging from low consumption to social and political unrest, and is damaging to our future economic well-being
  • The International Labour Organization estimates that more than 61 million jobs have been lost since the start of the global economic crisis in 2008, leaving more than 200 million people unemployed globally
  • For the past decade, the World Economic Forum been measuring the pace of change through the Global Gender Gap Report, and at current rates, it would take the world another 118 years – or until 2133 – to close the economic gap entirely.

Apart from the above mentioned there are several other raging problems like universal financial crisis, infrastructure, health care, domestic violence, corruption, regional politics, poverty..etc. These are all man made and have been substantially increasing year on year. What we are visualizing and experiencing today is quite bigger predicaments than faced by our fore fathers/ancestors. Perhaps the same will apply to our future generations too.

All my biology subjects taught me that ancient humans were extremely intelligent. They decoded the distance between planets and stars, cracked medicine, invented fire, cooked food and discovered nature. And we, the so called super intelligent generation are gulping fruits of the trees they planted by adding delicious toppings. Our ancestors accomplished everything leading simplistic lives sans harming environment or unbalancing nature. So, technically they were super intelligent and we are step behind them.

 “Origin of Species” details the some stages and draws similarities between apes and Homo sapiens during the evolution process.

Gibbon< Orang< Chimpanzee< Gorilla< Man

Similarly, there shall be stages in devolution process too. The reverse phenomena will be

Man< Inhuman< Imbecile< Beast< Wild Beast

Remarkable numbers of individuals have already reached second/third stage of devolution process. Gradually due to stress, lack of resources, inflated costs humans will start losing morals, ethics, humility and behave like morons, wild beasts. This phenomenon is already seen sporadically across the globe. For instance; Man raping a months old baby, Mother killing her son for exposing her illegal affairs, Children abandoning their parents to old age homes, Father selling his daughter to red light goons for few thousands are to name a few that explicitly confirm that humans have degraded a level. At first level attributes like values, humanity is lost followed by loss of thinking abilities. Thus, with retarding brain process of regression will be initiated. And world one day will see no humans. Only wild beasts that will further degenerate and end in the retrogression process.

Disclaimer: This article is written purely to express dissent over the global issues and does not intend to disgrace any concepts/theories explained by our Great Scientists. 

Letter from the Bride-to-be

Dear Fiance,

It was overwhelming to see a letter from you. Your letter not just clarified few inhibitions I have been carrying since my childhood like any other Indian girl but also bought solace to me amidst this chaos and emotional turmoil I am going through. So, my heartfelt thank you and much love from here!

Do you remember the first day we met? We spoke for about 2 hours while our families were relishing snacks and giggling in the other room. And that day I knew, if not for a husband I made a good friend with whom I can chat about science, books, music, world politics, economics, social issues and many more. Most importantly you made me feel comfortable and be what I am unlike a formal meeting where girls would shy staying aloof for the fears known.

As a child growing up I have learned about atrocities faced by women in Indian societies and I am greatly influenced by issues like gender equality, women empowerment,. .etc. Thank you for affirming your belief in these things and hope you will stand up literally in future during our parenthood or extending your hand for domestic help during my erratic working hours or otherwise. And yes, that’s also a hinting you that I would want to continue to work because along with monetary benefits it also showers me with impalpable constituents like confidence, self respect..etc.

Indian girls are strenuously forced to acquire skills like cooking, serving, cleaning, art of rangoli, crafting. I too have learned few such skills but out of my sheer passion towards them. Cooking is an art still to be mastered and I am sure we can learn it together. Having said about my neoteric thoughts doesn’t imply that I am boisterous or indiscreet. Standing on the right side and for self rights is extremely important for today’s women. Being vociferous does not always bring troubles but if conveyed in good sense will solve the issues too. So, in future I may strongly support, stand up for things I believe in and that shouldn’t leave a scratch in our relationship. That’s a bad dream. I wish you will understand and acting wisely we can amicably solve the issues.

It is wrong perception older generation have about today’s daughters-in-law. We are not nefarious individuals wanting for a nuclear family or detach their sons from their parents. We are educated, rationals wishing for a happy family. I am glad that your parents will be living with us and frankly I always wanted that. I want my children to grow up in their company seeking traditions, knowledge and blessings. While I teach my kids about Harry Porter and Enid Blyton, your parents can impart them Mahabharata and Panchatantra.

Certainly, I wouldn’t want to relinquish my skills, books, thoughts that defined my attitude. I am retaining my surname too. I hope to meet your expectations and will do my best to keep this relationship alive, entertaining. Men like you are rare and I feel lucky for this blessing. A room for my belongings, a heartwarming position on your family board, and an undefined arena in your heart is all I crave for. I am not looking forward for a mere life with you but a beautiful life. I promise to stay with you through thick and thin. I think I am already in love with the letter, you and the future ahead. Please continue to show your refinement raising the bars.

Yours lovingly, 
Bride to be

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Is this called Love?

I see her eyes
In dreams and my future frames
In sunshine and moonlight
If this is called love, I am totally in it

I am with her
In my whims and fancies
In every dusk and dawn
If this is called love, I fell for it

I go behind her
Like a hutch dog, similar to a creeper
Like a shadow and to a distant meadow
If this is called love, I am intensely into it

I watch her smile
All four seasons through days and nights
Amongst sun-kissed butterflies and moon led stars
If this is called love, I am mad about it

I hear her voice
On the shores of a sea
At the highest peak on earth
If this is called love, I am addicted to it

I feel her
With the passing wind and flowing water
within my reach in my every thought
If this is called love, l enjoy this bliss

I hold her hand
To talk while on walk
To glaciers and galaxies
If this is called love, call me her lover

I smell her breathe
In my inhalation and exhalation
Till my last second and in infinite spaces
If this called love, my heart is in it

If this is called love,
Me and my heart are her slaves till eternity

Love Story In 200 BC

Once lived a Sculptor,
Who desired to carve
An exquisite piece of statuette
A delicate, beautiful and attractive one
He travelled through deserts and plateaus
In search of an inspiration

Once lived a princess,
Who desired to find true love
That will engulf her in bliss and peace
Far away from cruel and indifferent world
She sat down at the embankment for days
In search of her soul mate

One day when sky had full moon
She walked twitchily from the embankment
He was resting under the Banyan tree
After a long day in scorching heat
Sun absconded behind the mountains
Stars shone in silence one by one

She hassled to the palace
Her anklets moved swiftly clamoring vivaciously
“Who is that?” He solicited
She looked back in epiphany
Strangers met under the banyan tree
Their eyes spoke till wee hours

Guards came in search of the princess
She refused to budge and wouldn’t care
“Throw the fellow into the river”
Ordered the furious king
“Krishna!!!“ She grieved, none rescued
He was gone, far away from her sullen eyes

Grandeur celebrations roared in the palace
After all it was the wedding of their darling princess
Rubies, emeralds and diamonds adored ubiquitously
Exception; the precious heart of the empress
She strode to the darkest of the rooms
Locked herself for days; “Vasanta, Vasanta!!” sobbed the Queen
There was no end for her trauma
Her eyes lost appeal and life was mundane
Whispers spread across the country like a grapevine
Their charming Princess needs a doctor
To cure her ailing illness for she was suffering
From ludicrous hysteria, a rare case

She was carried in palanquin
By multiple bearers of the troupe
To the sages deep in woods and wild
In the valleys of Vindhyaas
In hope to treat their enchantress
And  bring back vivacity in her life

Troupe reached the embankment
River Breeze touched her gently
She turned her head up and looked around
Nostalgia!! She could see him under the Banyan
“Stop the Palanquin!” She ordered
Closing her eyes, she escaped into the Styx

“Love found its way, not so long ago,
I shall find her, never again too late”
Sailed the fisherman, humming his way
He hauled the fishnet, heavy than never
Alas!! He said, it is not a cadaver
Lady in red, still did breathe

He sailed to the shore
Sun retired from the day
Princess was treated, the whole night
She moved her eyes, to the squatting noise
Her body budged taking a deep breathe
Sigh!! “Why I am saved?” she lamented
The noise grew loud elevating her curiosity

She walked up the hill in anxiety
Looked around to find someone
Gazing at the statue, she stood standstill
Was that her? Her hands moved tenderly
On the sculpture, feeling the soreness
She turned around to glance the creator

There he stood, smiling in rain
He couldn’t believe the relieving pain
His long lost memory emanated in an instinct
Her face; the only reminiscence from his past
Princess and Sculptor, no longer strangers
There they lived, up on the hill ever after

The fisherman sailed in the river, humming
“Love found its way, not so long ago,
I shall find her, never again too late
The sacred eyes spoke once more
On full moon day, Love found its way
And it prevailed ever and ever"

Saturday, February 4, 2017

My struggle with extra Calories

Last year was extremely disappointing for me. Life was acting like a crazy bitch with her repeated vengeance against me. More like a step mother who taunts without any reason. In order to cope with life and building my strength to face unexpected circumstances, I happened to ignore my health. Healthy intake of food, regular work out, hair and skin care were all kept at bay. When in Mumbai my darling foster mother Deepanjali, foster sister Amrita and a rommie ensured I stay extra fit, so they fed me incessantly increasing my diet capacity. My body too responded well to them though my mind warned of gluttony. And the obvious consequence was addition of adipose layers to my body. In addition to this, my stay in Hyderabad doubled the chances of not shedding any but restoring fat cells owing to the love of family in the form of rice with sambar and home made delicacies.That was inevitable.

All this happened and I was oblivious. I continued my routine until one day clothes in my wardrobe cracked jokes when I tried to put it on. Really! Did I gain that much? was my reaction. And another day a super enthusiastic friend of mine took me to doctors room and forced me to check my weight. I saw it and felt a heavy stone thrown at my heart. I gained some XY kgs in few months. Hey Ram! I exclaimed and thought it was high time I took this seriously. I felt difficulty in singing, walking and breathing. Later, after taking my sweet time I started jogging and enrolled in gym. Gradually, monstrous fat cells broke day by day for 3 months inducing terrible pain.

Here, I am not yet back to recommend weight and once again I am upset with my performance. Heck!! But, I shall continue my stints in hope to win the battle someday.

I will defend my incompetence by naming hereditary, low metabolic syndrome, my body can never degrow, chubby is cherubic..etc. Just kidding.

To all who are struggling like me, hifi from here, I am with you to accept our bodies and harsh realities and being skinny is too mainstream!! What say?

Writer's Musings

People.. Huh.some people thought that I am not a writer by my skills. Few of my relatives and friends posed questions at me on my writing skills and enquired if I am doing a mere cut paste job or opted for plagiarism. It itched me but I calmly answered them in the most subtle manner. My four year old blog with 40 odd blog posts, few published articles failed to make them believe in this small talent of mine. So, they reconfirmed with me. I appreciate their honesty for atleast they had guts to speak to me. The worst could have been spreading rumours on my art or abilities. Thankfully, that didn't happen.

Apparently, my south Indian appearance and my failure at great oration emboldened their views. Perhaps they expected my every word to rhyme and every lament to turn into a shayari. But I wanted to ask, how do writers look like? A nerdy look with glasses on all the time, curly tresses dropping on their shoulders or a bold boy cut? Wearing resplendent high heels and a mini dress smelling seductive like a high town modern girl? Or speaking impeccable with all that punctuation on the dot?

How is your talent judged on your appearance, life style or background? If only good orators can become writers, every politician in this country would have published their books by now. If only good looks can define your personality, then why do we call Rajnikanth and Nawazuddin Siddique finest actors (No offenses meant. I have seen the most sparkling eyes in them).

In case there exists any criteria to look and act like a writer, sorry, I refuse to fit in that criteria upfront. Because I want to be me, the way I look, respond, sing and laugh. Just me. I write because I am unrestrained in this bliss by family, friends, society and many nasty fellows. I can live on my terms and conditions in this world of art. Full and content.

If you second my thoughts, share my views, I am glad we are on the same boat. If you differ with me, we can have a debate sometime. If you don't like what I say, just keep calm and watch. I am despondent about your lousy remarks and will give a damn to it. Thank you for doubting my abilities because now I will continue to write more, nevertheless. Not to garner your attention and approval but to become a better writer.

I am not a colourful butterfly with utter visible beauty
I am not a nightingale that uses its vocal cords at its best to impress
I am like a snail in the gastropod shell on a sea shore, composed, deep, unattractive yet effervescent with heavenly euphony diffusing from its conch when heard with heart.