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Expressive women; A rare phenomenon in Indian Cinema and influence of Cinema on the Society

While we talk and boost about women empowerment every second, there are still situations beyond the frames hidden under the dark clouds which position women as shy and introvert individuals. Involving women in decision making at home and business is not yet welcoming and encouraging. We are trained involuntarily to veil the feelings of crush or love. And at times, to bury them till our last breathe because the educated and uneducated grannies and mummies have tamed us to keep mum.

I still fail to interpret the rationale behind the existence of this trend even today having considered the modern thinking of 21st century girl. I tried to ponder upon the cause for this submissive behavior of Indian Women. The circumstances, culture, technology, attitudes of people..etc are some causes to name a few when I list down. It cannot be attributed to one reason because our behavior is influenced by our education, family background and upbringing.  Finally, I concluded that there are external factors too effecting and catalyzing attitude of Indian women along with legacy beliefs.

One of the most important of those external factors to my disbelief turned out to be “India Cinema”. I have been watching Indian movies since childhood and have been an ardent follower of the dramatic silver screen. I keep brooding watching love stories “Why do we see male protagonist proposing the proposing the female lead in many stories? Why the story does revolve around the hero trying to impress the girl with his circus stints or intelligence? And the plot emphasizes on hero’s character. Succinctly, stories are male centric with an ostensible role of female lead restricted to glamour and certain skin show. Funnily enough, the cinema crew comes with nasty titles of suitable to hero’s character or love stories with name of male lead.

I rarely came across stories where female lead has a crush on the hero and she does all the possible things to make him hers. Many a times, feelings of fondness nurtures in both of them simultaneously. However, it is always the male protagonist who takes first step to express his feeling to the girl (Heroine of the movie). Often, friends of female protagonist advice her not to let her heart out until the guy proposes. Moreover, they also add this phrase “You are a girl and girls are not supposed to take this bold step” (This may not be applied universally but surely these situations take a huge leap over the other flip). Girl is portrayed as a composed, humble, non-aggressive individual with mediocre intelligence who wouldn’t talk much about what she feels about the situation.

It is not an understatement to say we live in an influential society, Indian Cinema playing the biggest part in influencing our attitudes and approach. For Example, younger generation draw ideas of proposing a girl and the ideas of convincing her from our very own movies. It is very evident from the dressing, punch lines, songs, hair style they follow. They make references of the dialogues during conversations. Likewise boys get ideas of conveying their love and crush, girls too draw influences from the stories of not expressing their feelings unflinchingly. As shown in our movies, young girls in real life too hold their feelings to themselves and fear the consequences in case she expresses herself out first. Even an independent successful girl thinks twice before talking to her love. A girl who has been an eloquent speaker all through her life fails to express her love to the guy influenced much by our Indian movies. Perhaps because movies have been a cupid for blooming love stories and guidance is sought by the new age generation.

In a way, Indian women have been positioned as inexpressive cowards hiding their feelings for the fear of being called desperate, slut and characterless. She is habituated to subdue her feelings impacted by predefined silly societal norms and Indian movies. Honestly, we still do not appreciate and accept women who express their heart out to the world loudly. Not really. Although, I see we climbed a small step towards reaching the step of equanimity, there is a long road to walk. We are yet to see a day where people realize feelings are innate to human race and not gender specific. And women are equally given a chance to express and speak on her feelings sans any hindrance.

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