Monday, December 26, 2016

Letter to The Bride

The Bride to be

It is just a week for our wedding and there is much to tell you before the D-Day. Email, telephone, Chat..etc would have been a perfect medium of communication in this new age but I choose the conventional letter because I didn’t want my message to fade away in the multiple chats or emails. Our two meetings wouldn’t have given a clear picture of our individual dreams, goals, likes and dislikes. I am sure you must be feeling the same too. Seldom people get enough time to interact with their future partners in case of arranged marriages. Unfortunately, we are not those lucky ones.

I never believed in love at first sight and looked at it as a silly irrational explanation given by extremely desperate humans to defend themselves against attraction. Believe me, the moment I saw your eyes, I was lost in trance and I just knew you are the one who going to live (You shall be enduring me. Pun intended.) with me for years to come. Honey, it is very important that you know what I feel about this relationship.

I attribute to whatever I am today to my dearest parents who had gone beyond their boundaries to make my dreams come true. My mother, a great inspiration for me sacrificed her booming carrier to look after my studies. She is an epitome of love. And Dad worked in extra shifts to pay my coaching fees. I am ever indebted to them and will be happier if you treat and respect them well. I am confident that they will soon become your parents and not parents-in-law. Your aura will charm up the smiles of my family. This will no more be my family but will be our family. Similar will be the case with your family too. You are an independent women with a flourishing carrier planned flawlessly. I have been an admirer of such women and strongly believe in equanimity. I will leave it up to you to decide whether to work or take a break from your job. Whatever is your decision, I will stand by you all the times.

It is immaterial we discuss about past relationships and I wish it to lay buried deep underground and never rise again. There might be several thoughts flowing in your mind, fears about me or my family. This is such a common thing every girl faces. You might be skeptical about me, my family’s values, love and kindness. Or the fear of mingling with my mother, having a pleasant conversation with my dad and lay fearlessly next to me. Honestly, I am also going thorough similar kind of fears. Woman, I do know you will be leaving your family, relationships, your favorite toys and of course a part of your name to move into our lives. I know these things mean a lot to you but do not worry and I wouldn’t want you to leave all these things at your home like other brides. I urge you to accept new things, relationships and values along with your existing ones. Please bring in your aura, charisma, confidence that you have built up all these years. You can retain your surname too. My house will always be vacant if you ever wish to carry your childhood memories or an old book shelf. Succinctly, I just want you to walk into our lives as you and relinquishing nothing.

I am looking for a partner in you and not a wife who would serve me a cup of coffee or iron my clothes. I want a wife who would stand by me in my ups and downs. An intelligent and empathetic lady who would advise me in my business, counter my decisions and light up my mind with varied perspectives, debate with me on economics and politics, teach me, have a sport with me and romance with me till my last breath. I will be grateful and delighted if you come up to me and tell me things that hurt you or my annoying habits that disturb you from day one. This will help us construct a concrete relationship without bubbles. Honey, from the bottom of my heart I welcome you to bring vivid hues in our lives like a rainbow in the clear sky after a rainfall. On the D-day just do not walk with your ravishing clothes, exquisite accessories and spotless makeover. Walk with your scintillating eyes spreading warmth, beautiful smile dispersing happiness, generous innocence unfolding melancholy and above all with your composed and serene heart. I will be waiting and looking for a beautiful soul under that ravishing veil and a promise to stay along holding my hand forever and ever.

The Groom to be

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