Saturday, October 24, 2015

Flash Fiction

One Night Stand

"I know the deal was for one night stand but I have fallen in love with you" She muttered.

The mirror laughed at her stupidity

Wedding Tales

She embraced him warmly and said “Happy Birthday sweetheart! Love you forever and ever” 

Just then, her handset beeped with an SMS “Hey wifey! My flight is postponed to tomorrow due to heavy fog in Edinburg. Missing you"

She replied "We miss you too...Wish you could be here on Aaron's Fifth birthday"

Game O Mania

He drove dangerously to the left and then to the right dodging the vehicles on the road. And then, he smashed into the huge truck in the opposite direction

Alas..! he cried.. “I lost the game again”

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Bittersweet October

The table calendar with scenic beauty reminded that clock entered into the second week of October. She wrapped her eyeballs under the flimsy eyelids as an endeavor to forget the distressing past. And the lady of sleep slowly indulged her into her lap.

 “Congratulations! Mr. and Mrs Rao…you are soon going to be parents. Mrs. Rao, you need to take care of yourself now.  Your little one will be in your lap in the second week of October”.

She woke up when puffed and salted tears in massive droplets plunged on her Shiny red cheeks. Turmoil of emotions stirred like a directionless devastating cyclone.

The small nap acted as a crazy bitch revoking the memories which she was trying to bury forever. She moved her hand over her belly cursing all the gods out there for her fate. The miserable incident of miscarriage few months ago still haunted like a perilous phantom. Had that not happened, a little angel would have been in her arms by now.

On seeing her tear filled eyes, sunny jumped onto her making gentle noises and licking her hand. “Sunny” a crossbreed tiny pussy cat, a gift from her beloved husband is a new hope and remedy.

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Friday, October 2, 2015

The Encounter

Life has its own way of throwing surprises in our mundane lives. Few of them leave us with remarkable experiences of thrill, wonder and delight.  Probably, these are planned by the supreme power and act as a source of recreation to humanity.  As a ray of hope in this insane world.  Couple of such incidents transformed my insight to the purpose of existence.  And one of them implausibly changed my life for eternity.

I was already hired as a technology analyst when I was honored with Masters Degree in Information Technology from the State University of New York. Since then, New York has become my home next. The city embraced me into its arms with warmth.  Friends from corners of the world made their way into my heart.  Since then trips to the abodes of nature and wild life became very often. That was when I fell in love with the wonders of nature. Not a single weekend was spent without a getaway. We didn’t wait for a reason to flee to explore the quaint and blissful spots in and around the States. Gradually as years passed, folks in our crew diminished and our very often adventures came to end. Perhaps, folks were occupied with routine chores and big things like wedding.  

That left me with humungous amount of time to think and introspect deep inside. Feeling of loneliness, longing for love, whining for care slowly crept inside me. Within no time, social networking sites occupied the most of my free time. On one such routine day while I was surfing a site on candid photography, I stumbled upon a comment by a gentleman.  My eyes strolled around the pages and I unconsciously landed on this gentleman’s FB page. Since then, I followed his status updates, photographs, likes and dislikes.  Above all he was handsome and charming.

The MIT grad with great sense of humor, sensibility and great vocabulary just impressed me in no time.  Because his opinionated messages are rational, thought provoking and smile inducing. His posts turned out to test to my vocab skills and I had to flip the dictionary often.  He was an ardent follower of cricket, football , Hollywood and Desi movies.  An amateur photographer with great sense of capturing emotions. A socialite with bunch of buddies living around the world. It looks imprudent to judge a person by his FB posts and pictures but I always believed that our posts and status messages are reflections of our personality. Sooner than later I realized, a sense of liking blossomed in me. Certainly, it was a crush. A genuine feeling of fondness and inclination sans expectations. Although, I knew I was no where a match to him.

Later, that year I had to visit India to attend my cousin’s wedding. Amidst the celebrations, my parents brought up to me a suitable match from known sources. Incidentally, the so called NRI was in India and I was supposed to meet him the very next day at my cousin’s wedding.  Although, I wasn’t keen as it came out of the blue, I frantically agreed for the meeting for the happiness of my parents. 
Assorted thoughts in varying intensities hit my mind like electric waves.  The whole night was spent anticipating the questions for the kinda interview. Frankly, I was preparing myself to behave civilized and sophisticated. Owing to the impromptu meeting, I didn’t have the liberty to have a look at the guy’s photograph or bio data. 

Never in my life, I imagined something like this would happen to me. And while I was busy applauding the flamboyant pieces of jewelry and sarees at the wedding, I heard a “hello” from behind. I fervently looked back and was aghast to see the man in front of me. My secret buddy in FB. My parents stood beside him conversing with an elderly couple. I instantly assumed them as his parents. I pinched myself to make sure if I wasn’t hovering in a dreamy land.