Friday, July 3, 2015


I have been a great fan of 19th century’s sensational poem “Invictus”.  The powerful lines “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul” are thought provoking and inspiring. Many times I am left with goose bumps and magical motivation. Probably never before in my life a poem created such an impact and imparted the power to live and lead a life more positively. It always brought hope out of despair, strength out of weakness, dream out of reality and life out of death.

Often I wonder if what is said is true, then why do we find handful of successful people. You may argue with me on the definition of success. Lets leave it aside now. If our lives are in our hands, then why can’t we mold it as we wish?.  Sometimes even after invariable and relentless hardwork, we fail.  And then people blame on luck. They say hardwork and luck should go hand in hand. When they are together magic is created and sky is the limit. It is said that world will be at your feet and you can rule it.  

Having born to a Hindu family, I have been exposed to the philosophy of karma since childhood. The great epic of Indian mythology “Mahabharata” emphasis on karma siddhanta. To put in simple words “the doings of one life impact and design/creation  our next lives”.  This has been believed by the people of Bharata land since ages.

Did you sense what I am trying to say? Not yet! Let me put it this way..If destiny of one’s life is already written and hardcoded, then why do people say “you can change your life with your hardwork’. Doesn’t  this create a conflict? Where does the truth lie? And where not? What to believe and what not? What rules life? Hardwork or destiny? Which one has the upper hand? What is god made and what is man made?.