Sunday, January 25, 2015

Wedding Fever

I eagerly glance at my handset responding to the beep noise, hoping to see an offer letter from a fortune 500 company. A fancy wish. Here I see, another wedding invitation from a school friend of mine. The other day I open my FB account to see several notifications. 70 % of which are of change in relationship status from single to engaged or married.  And I wonder, if there exists a classy, non poky, focused world.  After all, the world around me intentionally or not is constantly reminding me that “I am of marriageable age”.

The beautiful lehengas, luxurious decoration, stunning jewelry, and gorgeous bride in royal weddings is seen and heard these days in pictures, videos and posters. Folks at home and office, parties and dinners have fallen short of topics like nature, career, travelling, food and life. The ominous word everywhere is “Wedding”. Everything and anything is twirled and intertwined with “My wedding”. Uff….and many interviews and questions on this global issue. Nevertheless, II am prepared with quick answers to the kind of potential questions I face. Apparently, I have been adapting to such situations since 2 years now.

 I always wonder if it isn’t unfair to decide someone’s marriageable age. I mean, how can it be decided?. By biological age or emotional age or intellectual age. Why is biological age always judged when it comes to marriage? For instance what if a biologically fit person does not have that intelligence or emotional capacity to handle the institution of marriage. Or to respect  and understand the partner and develop trust and love. Every person has a right to think and make a decision. A wise decision to make no regrets in future. Similar to a happy fairy tale ending.
Marriage is not an event which is done in x number of hours and sustained for y numbers of years. It is a life long commitment, responsibility, loyalty and security.

Life is not always black and white. There are many colours hidden and needs to be explored.  It would be simple and uncomplicated if things happen like bollywood movies. Like the first site love and first touch feelings. An utterly tough job for a girl like me is to judge the guy sitting across the table posing with lasting smiles all throughout. I sit crossing my legs and trying my best to evaluate one’s character. I impose strongly on my brain. I apply visual graphics to my grey matter. I fancy walking, talking and kissing trying to forecast the comfort levels. Sounds awkward but I shamelessly admit it. And that isn't wrong I say. Because, the theorem of marriage proves 30=70 in case of arranged marriages. My 70 years (or whatever it may be) of life is based on those "30" minutes of conversation.

On the contrary, May be I am worried and apprehensive about those 30 minutes. And that big thing that follows. I am not doubting on my judgmental skills, but I am skeptical about the to be groom's acting skills. May be I still want to roam freely around the world. Take on a world tour on my own. Visiting places like Turkey, Stockholm, Sydney, Vegas, Capetown and many more. May be I am waiting for a big break in my career. May be I want to set up a profit making company. May be I want lead a social cause. May be I want to be established as a 50,000 copies selling novelist. May be I want to freeze my age at 24 to perennially be that hot, independent, single, passionate free bee.

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