Saturday, November 8, 2014

Layers of Adipose

We had an argument. U and I have innumerable, long and ceaseless fights.

After one such squabble,U said "Let's break up". 
Saying this was simple and uncomplicated for him. It occurred so. I, a mere victim of U's actions was thrown with no choice.

I, then said

"Hey U, Are you really sure about this?"
U Look ! I am not worried about myself rather it is the other way.

U and I have known each other for earthly 5 years.

When the clock moved to the phase " what next ", U said  "I am not really keen to go ahead".

Apparently, the only reason U could quote is Extra fat deposits under my skin. Yes, I do have few thick layers of adipose. Actually not much, but quite noticeable.

Have you realized this after freaking 5 years?

"Chubby cheeks, fairy skin, tiny nose" was what you have been saying all the those early mornings I woke up beside you.

I had built a virtual home with you. Shopping with your family, dining with you and what not. There are no boundaries for imagination.

I have been too considerate with you I guess.
Okay, Let me come to the point.

Apart from the CV, what is that I can look for in you.

Height: Nah, You may be tall of the average tallest. Your 6 and my 5.3 are even and odd.
Weight: At times, height nullifies weight. However, your protruding belly, off shape shoulders cannot go unnoticed.
Complexion: I can't even say dusky (Nothing against racism).
Features: Well sorry to say, but not great. Tiny eyes, huge nose and strands of rough hair.
Food: Do you really know how a chocolate brownie tastes or a custard apple,a mango, an olive or mayonnaise. It is either chicken or egg in your menu always.
Habits: Though I am a modern girl with a broad mind and do not mind a glass of wine or whiskey, I am strictly against alcoholism. Can anyone bear a chain smoker and an alcoholic all through the life.? I bet on it.
Family: No comments.But, Certainly not a happy and peaceful environment.
Promise: Oh.. my love, Is this part of your dictionary?
Savings : None. You owe me money in 5 digits. Recall!
Assets: I don't care if you are legally entitled for some. Surely, they are not earned by you.
Interests: Perhaps it would be "Women". Although it is said that all men are dogs, it is utterly difficult to stand when you go behind these women with sexy figures.
EQ: Wasn't I counseling you last week at late night. It was never the other way round. My handset would never choose your number when I need moral support.

No hurry..I am coming to that point..

It was always the food U liked was ordered. Chicken or Cheese Pizza
It was always the music U liked that was played
It was always U's favorite restaurant visited
It was always the beach U chose for vacation
It was always the Black backless skintight mini dress I wore on U's request
It was always the loose hair I choose,as per U's wish.

You may argue you never said that..But you have politely imposed on me by uttering a irritable number of times.

What else?

Love : Truly, this has what that made me ignore the facts and the face.
Sex: This was part of the big game Love and sub game attraction.

And this is what it takes to choose not to be Mrs. U.

Greeting: Good Luck! My would be Ex- Bf and his unlucky lean would be Gf.
An Advice: That unlucky slender would be Gf, don't go by the words that please and faces that smile. Tomorrow, U might say he doesn't like bony, thin and slim figures. Beware !!!

Disclaimer: This work is purely fictional and doesn't resemble anyone's life living and dead.

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