Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Game of Blogs - Midway through the heart

Team : Qissa

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Costly Realization

Neon Lights rapidly altered in nano seconds dancing rhythmically in sync with the loud music being played in the background. The smoke from the cigar had propagated in the surroundings. Gorgeous girls were seen in sexy outfits, high stilettos, smelling amazingly seductive. The so called gentlemen moved behind these stunning beauties like honey bees around the beautiful flowers. The bar tenders were explicitly trained to move their hands swiftly to make the demanded drinks. Platters of mouthwatering starters in vegetarian and non-vegetarian were served on the tables. The heavy metal rock music made everyone over there tap their feet. People were lost in the bliss of the music ignoring the oozing of champagne, smoky blistering sizzlers served. The newly opened Lounge at Colaba grabbed the attention of the Mumbai’s Party crowd. This hot and happening bar attracted all sects of junta with its exclusive discounts and heartwarming gestures.
Shekhar occupied the table with two seats at the right hand corner of the bar. Distressed, he chose not to bother any of his friends or family. In spite of his utmost endeavors, the heart wrenching scene of his wedding anniversary often flashed in front of his eyes. He muttered “Who says that memories fade away”? Very soon the 250 ml of whisky brought out the voice of Shekhar. With a heavy heart he uttered,
Har Khushi Ke Pahlu Haaton Se Chhut Gaye,                                                                                     Ab Toh Khud Ke Saaye Bhi Rooth Gaye.
Haalat Hai Aise .........Haalat Hai Aise..” He recited the last line thrice..Urgh..!! He was unable to recollect the next line.
Haalat Hai Aise, Zindagi Mein Hamari,                                                                                         Pyar Ki Raahon Mein Hum Bilkul Toot Gaye” Shekhar heard a voice from behind.
Their eyes met exchanging courteous smiles. “Thank you sir” said Shekhar.
“My pleasure” came the prompt reply.
“Had you not helped me, this would have killed me the whole night. I blame my blurring memory. You seemed have come alone. Why don’t you join me” asked Shekhar. 

“Hmm..Why not! By the way I am Nikhil, Nikhil Ranade” Nikhil shrieked in the noisy setup.
“Hi, I am Shekhar. Nice meeting you”.

They said cheers raising the saturated glasses. Their conversation lasted until midnight hovering over poetry, books, science, fiction, politics and economies. They gave a damn to the banging glasses, raising voices, empty tables. It seemed as if both have known each other well in a very short span of time. Two strangers became good friends. Few glasses of alcohol, several words, and numerous smiles opened their hearts out.
“So, how about family? Are you married?” asked Nikhil.

This remark brought back painful memories. Shekhar replied in monosyllabic “Yes. My little princess is 9 years old” showing signs of discomfort. He quickly jumped and took over the conversation before Nikhil could start digging for more of his family details.
“What about you Nikhil?”
“Well...It’s a long story bro. “Sometimes you end up burning your hands before you realize”. It took some time for me to understand that I was with a wrong girl. But, yes I think I have found my soul mate. Wish I could settle down with her and have a beautiful family like yours” uttered Nikhil. “How lucky she is to have a person like you in her life” Shekhar said. 
“She is absolutely amazing. Beautiful and bold is an epitome of love. I admire her fragile skin, curly tresses, milky skin and that beautiful heart beneath the skin. There isn’t any reason to not love her. It is her passionate, zealous attitude in life that attracted me the most. But, God is not fair all the times. She is into an unhappy marriage. I am ardently waiting for the platinum day of life. The day she accepts my proposal and says “I do”, the day I get an opportunity to give her the beautiful diamond ring that I secretly bought for her. “Tara.. Tara Dutta” the love of my life.
Shekhar went numb hearing Tara’s name. He felt he had just seen a bad dream. Bang! Bang!!The sound of the broken glasses made him trust that he had heard right. It was Tara.
Words didn't cross his lips. He left the place with watering eyes without uttering a word. He now understood from where Tara’s expensive gifts were coming from. The picture was clear with all dots connected now. Tara’s late night parties, countless messages were for Nikhil. He walked down the road with a heavy heart and painful memories. Small world! Isn’t it?

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