Sunday, August 31, 2014

Unposted Card

“Hello Shreya, my old friend..!!

You are gifted with eternal inner  beauty
You are the one who understood my moods
You are the one who completed my sentences
You are one who know my secrets and every crush.
You are that miracle who held my hand to come out of bad dreams
You have raised my hope and you are a reason to smile.
You are that dearest friend who was always there in good and bad times.
You have always completed that bit by becoming god gifted ever understanding sister.
The world will become more beautiful if God creates more people like you.
I wish you the best to happen to you the days ahead….I pray god for your endless happiness
To the Lively personality J, consoling heart, insane soul and sexy biatch :P

Many Many Happy returns of the day"

Before this card reached you, you have left this world trying to save me and few other friends when the forceful River Beas hit us.

The last photograph which we clicked before this tragedy hit our lives is still safe to remind me of you till my last breath.

The powerful river Beas has taken you away with its flow, yet I pray that your soul rest like the still waters of Ganges.

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  1. very emotional post, nicely written

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  2. I'm sorry about your friend. May she rest in peace, and I'm sure she's reading your words wherever she is.

    1. That's really sweet of you Sreesha. But, this article is completely fiction, although I have written based on the true incident happened sometime back in Manali.