Sunday, August 17, 2014

Fly to the sky

Out of the world, I say
To the thousands of gods, I pray
The unsaid secret I held to heart
That soaked in my body every part

Since child I have dreamt
Several nights I have spent
I tell you what I under went
Here is my attempt

Ssh..  Keep it a secret
Here are chocolates full basket
Never repeat often frequent
I trust you extremely blunt

All that I have been dreaming
And that I wasn’t speaking
Look ! my heart is beating
And hands are freezing

Wish that I always wished
And never aborted
Sooner than it is missed
I say before you are pissed

Please drop ears carefully
Because I utter fervently,
and render dramatically
I dreamt all my life honestly 

I want to fly fly fly
To the blue sky sky sky

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