Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My Dear Amma

Dear Amma,

It really feels awkward  writing this to you. But, I know there are many unspoken words between you and me. Sometimes it is very essential to convey what you feel about your loved ones. These words communicate the love and respect I carry for you.

I genuinely don’t know where to start with. Until few years back I always saw you as a simple, undemanding not well educated housewife devoted to the kitchen. Incidents happened over the past few years completely changed our lives. Those unpleasant occurrences made us strong and intrepid.  You played a major role in facing the every challenge that fate fling on us.  It is because of you Amma that I stood where I always wished to be.

Remember that day Amma.... after my graduation, there was huge discussion between me and Papa on my further studies. You know how stubborn Daddy is when it comes to his plans about my studies. In spite of everything, you went against him and gave me few thousands from your hard earned savings for my coaching classes. Had you not encouraged me that day, I would have not been able to accomplish anything.

It is always astonishing to me when I see you working throughout the day without a single catnap. All the tasks you take up are completed with such a perfection that I can never ever imagine in my life. Right from the day you wake up at 5.00 AM till 10.PM your passion to make everything flawless be it cleaning, knitting and cooking is inspiring. How can you carry that sweet smile on your face all the time?. May be that is the reason you have so many friends who truly stand by you at any point in life. I always question myself when I see your hard work and dedication. Right from being fit to business, the tremendous amount of enthusiasm you put into every work makes me feel inferior at times. 

What can I say about that your cooking. Your recipes have not only flowed in our town but have to the big cities along with me and brother. People go crazy when they eat your mango pickle and homemade snacks. It makes feel proud when I hear such great compliments from my friends and colleagues.

It is because of you I came to this big city, made my living and have turned out to be independent, determined and confident women. It is you who has stood by me to do what I always felt like. Be it painting, singing and now writing. Often people appreciate me for my art works. It is not my creativity.. Amma.. it is the greatness of your genes in me. I will never forget the days you had to search all you purse to give my music class fees. Papa being an orthodox never encouraged me to wear western outfits, listen to hip hop and behave bold. You played an immense role in convincing him, that wearing western outfits or listening to hip hop cannot spoil your child and ruin you upbringing. 

I always see radiance in your face when I look at you. There is some magic in your red vermillion and cotton sari which makes you look graceful, elegant and vivid.  Amma... you never kept your sorrows in front of everyone. You have hidden your tears under your eyelids and sustained tranquility. You gave brother, Papa and me that power and force to fight against all odds. You never gave a chance to extended family and society to point at us at any point of time.  My eyes never stop shedding tears when I hear about the circumstances you have gone through right from childhood financially, emotionally and physically.

When I look at the years gone by and the way you have transformed me, I feel proud to have a mother like you. I never realized that my day is not complete without a chat with you. I go mad the day, I don’t hear your voice. Had those unfortunate events not happened in our lives, I would never know your greatness. May be that is the reason people say “Everything happens for the good”. The best is yet to come.. .. It is just the matter of time...Amma...  I never told you this..... you are my best friend and soul mate. You have been caring, affectionate and understanding. You have sacrificed your time, health, happiness and joy for our well being.

Amma....I am nothing without you .
I play, I grow, I soar, I rise all because of you.  

If ever God asks me one thing I would like to carry forward in my next lives (I being strong believer of Karma philosophy), my prompt reply would be "you as my mother" till eternity.

 Today, writing this I miss sleeping on your lap, your food and heart warmth hug. 
 Love you loads Amma..forever and forever.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

She is an epitome of love

There are all smiles all around. People are seen talking, laughing and giggling in the hall. The costumes and the ornaments which they wore glittered at their best. The mandap  is beautifully decorated with three rows of marigold, two rows of green leaves and another three rows of jasmines and rose petals. The artificial golden flowers are hanging on the four sides of the mandap. The priest initiated the process of  chanting mantras and started explaining the meaning of mantras and the wedding.

And then... she entered into the Mandap, wearing gorgeous red saree with a golden blouse. The diamond jewellery she wore made her look awesome. All looks are gazed on her as she walked into the Mandap. She silently settled on the stool placed opposite to him. They were separated by the thin white cloth. Both their parents sat beside them. He tried to look at her from beneath the white cloth, but he could only get the view of her beautiful hands. The red nail polish on her fair skin is shining like a rising sun. The rituals and customs thus followed, and event took its own charm all through the while. Finally, he got the chance to look at his soul mate while tying Mangalsutra. He got lost in her beauty and charm. Their eyes met at that moment. She saw warmth in his looks.  Both blushed and came into the reality when people started noticing them.

“They promised to be with each other for rest of the lives, through thick and thin, through happiness and sorrows, through Smiles and pain. The seven steps they took, they promised to be wife and husband for seven lives ahead.  They vowed to respect each other, and their families. They took oath to love each other for rest of their lives”.

The time has now come to leave her home, parents, friends and enter the new world.  She has worst fears in the world. It becomes hard to believe that the next day she wakes up not seeing the beautiful wall in her room, smell mummy’s coffee, listen to her favorite music and the morning walk with her puppy. The hidden tears gushed out. She couldn't control herself and started sobbing like a kid hugging her parents and sister.

She got into the car and prepared herself for her next role as a wife. As the car started moving, she wiped her tears. She is now least bothered of the smudge kajal and lipstick. She saw her parents from the rare view of mirror waving at her. She quickly asked the driver to stop the car to run back to give her parents a final hug and kissed them for being great parents. 

She can overcome all the fears
Her charm is never lost
She is capable of being confident in any situation
Her tears are known only to the walls of kitchen
She welcomes each role with whole heart
Her happiness lies in her loved one’s smiles
She is the pillar of the family
Her prayers are never for herself
She bears all the pain with patience
Her eyes can never hide truth
She cheers up her family and friends
She knows only to love, love and love.
As... Daughter..Wife.. Mother...and as human

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