Friday, November 22, 2013

It's time to say Bangkok

Neither I have paid attention nor I have tried to understand the situation when people complain about broken relationships. I always found it easy to advice them “Just chill, forget it, take a break and forgive him”. It was out my reach to realize the amount of pain one goes through, after you collide with a jerk.

Never in my life I thought a day like this would come to me. They say “Every dog has its day”.. how true isn’t it?. I have not certainly in my wild dreams imagined myself in clumsy clothes, untidy hair, starving eyes and gloomy face.  Yes..I had a break boy friend dumped me..sounds bad..right ? He is one with whom I was totally, madly and badly in love. 

I have been spending  days with tears, old memories, frustration, and in depression. One find day I thought  "I cannot be like this anymore. I cannot become so dull". Finally with strong heart I said to myself  “Get a life baby. This is not the end of the world. This is just the end of an Era !.”

My abnormal behavior at office and home troubled  folks. A good friend of mine suggested me to take a break and go on a holiday so that I can bounce back or at least I can act near to normal. 

"Not a bad idea" I thought and started searching for the list of places to visit. The first in my list is Bangkok. Ever since Pooja is back from her Honeymoon,I have heard much about Bangkok and I promptly decided to put it on top of my dream destination list. My bestie has given enough description about the city that for few days I was fancying myself roaming on the Thai Streets. 

  • Palace and Temples:

Bangkok has rich culture and various religious places to visit. The beautiful palace and temples are symbol of peace and  purity. The visit to Wat Arun and Grand palace and Wat Prakeaw will surely comfort my heart.  These places have great history and palaces are built according to the taste of Royal Kings.

                                                     It’s time for peace of mind.

  • Buddha:

I have heard lot of stories on Buddha since childhood.  But, I  never had a chance to understand the philosophy of Buddhism. I will make it a point to visit Wat Kalayanamit, Wat Pho and Wat Suthat.

                                                       It’s time to get little Philosophical.

  • Magical Streets:

The best therapy girls can count on for break up is shopping. Don’t you agree? My personal love for street shopping makes me cheer all the time. The night shopping street will wake up Zombie inside me.
The exchange of many things for a single currency note is most attractive part of  street shopping. Silk is the most royal and finest of the clothing. I woud l love to deck up in designer Thai Silk clothes. Chatuchak weekend Market , Jim Thompson House out for me.


                                                            It’s time to smile and pose

  • Electrifying streets and Carnivals

The most electric and colourful streets attracts any kind of person. Khao San Road and Soi Cowboy
will lighten my spirit.  Cocktail bars, flashing neon lights carnival like look will bring varied people and culture and together.  The party animal in me rush out to peep at the surroundings.

                                                      It’s time to sing and dance.

  • Still waters:

The name Floating market is itself very exciting . The fresh fruits and vegetables will refresh my moods. It will en create fresh thoughts in me.The intoxicating experience of Chao Phraya  river is memorable and refreshing. It is such a pleasure to view the river and enjoy the cool breeze. This is simply a paradise on Earth.

                                                  It is time have some pleasure and forget pain

  • Thai Massage :

A soothing and relaxing body massage is much needed for me to vent out stress and anger.

                                                          It’s time to Pamper myself

  • Thai hair cut:

It has been long since I had a haircut. Chinese and Thai hair cuts are really cool and cute with tresses on your forehead. It completely makes you forget what you look like and presents a novel you in the mirror.

                                                          It’s time for a new look
  • Thai Cuisine:

My continuous diet has made my taste buds dormant from quite few months. Good food,  few glasses of Vodka will make me forget few unwanted reminisces. I look forward for a superb sea food in Thai style. 
Who doesn't want to be at the highest point of the city and have a bird's eye look at the City ?.
Few glasses of Tequila shots at the Rooftop bars and Restaurant is what I need the most.

                                                             It’s time to get high

  • Thai Tattoo:
Tattoos are really cool and make people notice you at a glance. After all who doesn't want attention
I will get a Tattoo done on my ankles and shoulder. The monks have designed the images inspired from the Yantras.

                                               Yippee It’s time to go Crazy and get noticed

Having decided to visit Bangkok, I have been looking for best deals for air fare. But, one thing which is bothering me is booking the air tickets. At this point of year, when new year celebrations kicked off, the fares are at its peak. With troubling mind, I opened internet and was surprised to find the Air Asia's unbelievable Offers. The  World’s Best Online Travel Fair  I have seen for southeast Asian Trips.
Also Air Asia plans your travel from different locations. The hot food served there and red carpet will makes me feel special. The best travel experience I can never think of will be here in some days.

Thus I have decided to freeze the date and book the tickets.

It’s time for a holiday
It's time cheer and have some fun
It’s time to explore  Bangkok
It’s time to fall in love with myself again
It's time to Say Air Asia.

This Post is written as the part of Dream Asian Destination Blogger Contest! by AirAsia in association with Ripple Links

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