Monday, November 4, 2013

Broken Heart

At the dusk of the day,
My heart turns silent
My eyes become dry
My mind halt my thoughts
And my soul mourn

I saw love for me in your eyes
I saw care for me in your actions
I saw warmth in your touch
My heart jumped high and said
Yippee..I found my SOUL MATE

Millions of miles I traveled
Tons of prayers I said
Bunch of dreams I dreamt
Countless wishes I asked
for you and only you

Your lovely words echoed in my ears
your charming eyes always kissed me
your  affectionate heart always hugged me
your soul supplicate  for my smile
And then,
My eyes shed blood when I found you fake
My emotions touched sky when you deceived
My  smiles are lost when I learnt you  manipulated
My heart lost its soul when your act came to limelight

Is love blind?
Is love pain?
Is love selfish?
Is love bitter ?
Is love fake?
I grieve, I blame, I lament
Why me? God.. why not some one else?
I wish I could erase those moments
I wish I could wipe away those few years of my life
I wish I could forget  you for ever and ever.

“ Reality is greater that what you perceive.Accept nothing happens without a reason. Accept all experiences have a purpose.Accept that infinite occurrences of the universe cannot be fathomed by finite human mind. Surrender unconditionally, even in the absence of evidence, to the truth of cosmos” -   Song of Krishna(Bhagavad Gita)

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