Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Delhi Manifesto

Like all the stories, even this one begins in a beautiful village on the banks of river Godavari.

Venu has recently joined Mehta and Sons as Junior Accountant. He hails from Singaparuram, a small village on banks of river Godavari, 50 kms away from Rajamundry. After Venu's graduation, he has visited his village with the good news of his Job offer in Mehta and Sons. As soon as Narayana (Venu's Father) and his family heard the news, they were overwhelmed and decided to marry him off to Rekha.

It all began when Venu and Rekha moved to Delhi, when Venu got posted in Karol Bhag. Rekha’s excitement had no boundaries on the thought of moving to the Country’s Capital city. But, all excitement vanished on the first glance of the city.

The railway station was too crowded and it appeared like a kumbamela which she saw few years ago. She was constantly squeezed in between the people and it took them 15 minutes to reach the taxi stand and breathe well. As soon as they got into the car she could see tall buildings, huge flyovers. But she didn’t miss to see the homeless under those flyovers and beggars beside the buildings. That was the first time she saw so many vehicles on road at once.  It  took almost 10 minutes to cross one traffic signal. Over and above pollution added worse to the situation. 

They rented a small one Room Kitchen in the outskirts of city considering the income Venu earned. It took them two weeks to get everything set in the new house. Venu leaves home at 8 am, carrying his lunch box and returns home after 8 pm. Even though his office timing are from 10 am to 6 pm, it consumes much time in traffic.

But today clock is about to strike 9.30 Pm and Venu has not yet turned home. She worriedly glanced at the Road from window. Her thoughts took her to all possible situations Venu could be struck.  

– Late working hours has become part of corporate lives. Unfortunately, people have to choose between money and family time.

- Rekha recalls an article on road accidents she read in news paper two days ago. In spite of repeated warnings, people carelessly drink and drive. Congested roads add more to it.  Corruption and bribery has given wings to the culprits who are now encouraged to do more of such acts. Rail accidents number is no less.

- She has now become restless and wished she had a phone to call him. Suddenly, there is a power cut and darkness is filled all over. Her heart beat has now doubled. Her thoughts took back to her village. Had she been in her village, she would have been surrounded by at least 5-6 neighbours who would give her enough strength and confidence. She hardly knew her neighbours here. For that matter, she does not know how many people live in their neighbouhood. 

- The other day, there was shortage of water and she had to go the next lane to get water. She was thrashed in between the buckets and it was difficult for her to get one bucket from the water tanker. She had to cross the drainage bridge and dirty roads to get back home. There she saw children using roads as their loo. Elders are no less. They use these pretty roads as their washbasin, spitting on roads.

For an instance, she thought of going out and phone her husband. But, she was stopped by the thought of going out lonely on the Road. She is not afraid of the dark, but she is afraid of the dark side of people. Rape, molestation, robbery and murder are few potential dangers to name some. This threatened her. Neither she could trust watchman or neighbours and ask for help.  All those incidents she read in news paper and television made her worry more. 

She thought, maybe they should have settled in their village looking after their farm and agriculture. She is lost in  thoughts thinking what if is there is a dream land.

An island of beautiful flowers
An island of colorful butterflies
An island of deep oceans and pure waters
An island of clear skies
My dream land

An island of happiness and joy
An island of prosperity
An island of love and affection
An island of no pain and disaster
My dream land

An island of freedom
An island of integrity
An island of no boundaries
An island of you, me and everyone
My dream land, your dream land our land ..dream land.

She came to realty at the sound of door bell. She suddenly felt missing her village. The fresh air, greenery, granny's stories, caring neighbours, above all human values, morale and trustworthy people.
She went and opened the door and there stood Venu drenched in rain with a broken umbrella.  

This is the story of many Rekhas.

It only needs a thought with in every person to make your city a Paradise. 

Thought provokes change.
Change happens by execution.
Execution completes when we see a better tomorrow.
A simple thought is required with in every human to give back to society, nation and for himself. 

Throwing garbage in dustbins instead on Roads, following traffic rules, saving water and electricity, refusing corruption etc...are simple things which each one needs to do. Then we can see better roads, better infrastructure, better drainage system, poverty free nation, corruption free system and above all quality living.

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  1. What an amazing way to put forwards your thoughts .Enjoyed it immensely.

  2. Thank you Garima..!!! I have visited your blog..what a versatile blogger you are :)

  3. nice poem
    following ur blog
    hope u follow back

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    1. thanks a lot for reading @jeevan :) :) :)

  5. though i have read most of ur posts and you know i rly like them from our days together but sorry Sindhu...i didn't like this one...ur thots n intentions were good but Delhi isn't the way u described, had u not pointed out a name this would have definitely been among my favs....

    1. Hey shilpi..thanks a bunch for reading..!!! this was written keeping in mind the problems faced by any metro in India, not particularly Delhi. But I still appreciate and welcome your review and opinion. :) :)