Thursday, October 24, 2013

Everyone has a reason to pray

“With great power comes great responsibility “. I have no clue how many of us really believe in these words but, this line has transformed my life. 

As soon as I got job in Infosys, I had to leave my native place where I had been living all my 23 years of life.  I visited my parents every alternate Sundays, the other weekends when I am in Mysore, I venture out to explore the beauty of the place. Though I am a zealous nature lover, sometimes I feel there is some kind of dissatisfaction in my life.  

Last week I found my old diary while I was searching for the novel “GOD FATHER” by Mario Puzo. I had a glimpse of the diary and felt ecstatic reading those poems, proverbs which I have filled in it during my college days. Somewhere in the middle of the pages, I have written my plans on social work, starting an NGO, helping the underprivileged..etc

From that day, my thoughts started revolving around my diary and plans. Having a sip of tea, I read an article on the “School for the orphanage” in outskirts of Mysore city.  I may not be the most powerful, but I am now powerful enough financially and mentally to do something to that school which is in need of some help and money.  “Now it is time to show some responsibility” echoed my heart.

That very instant my colleague Arun, a bunch of friends and I started off to that school. The school is located in the outskirts surrounded by green fields, near the foot of Chamundi Hills. The fresh air and breeze enhanced its beauty.  

We spoke to the teacher there and enquired the way they are managing the hostel and school. After our discussion and donation, as we were about to leave I saw a small kid in the corner of the park gazing at the gate. Unlike other children who enjoyed the sweets and biscuits we took, this boy looked gloomy and upset. Without any hesitation I went to him and started conversing.

Me: Hello kid..!!

Kid: He just looked at me and didn’t answer anything

Me: what’s your name? Come on have some sweets. (I offered with a gentle smile) 

Kid: No uncle. I don’t like sweets.

Me: Ok...No Problem. I hope you like chocolates.( I offered him a handful of chocolates)

Kid:“Thank You uncle” he said smiling.

Me: “You are welcome Buddy.  Now tell me why are sad?”

Kid: Because my Mom didn’t visit even today. I have been waiting for her since 3 months. She promised me that she will come to take me home in a week and she has not turned up since then.

Me: I was little confused and I thought “This is supposed to be school for orphans”. If what this boy said is truth, why did school authorities take him in?  I then said “Listen kid...Don’t worry..!! she will come to take you certainly. I will speak to your teacher and take your Mom’s address. I will contact your mother.

Kid: Really Uncle..!! I am so thankful to God. At last he heard my prayers and sent you.

Me: But on one condition that you won’t be sad and gloomy again. Keep smiling and play with your friends.
Having said this I turned to administrative block. I asked the teacher about whereabouts of his mother and was shocked on hearing this.

Teacher: Yes, That’s true. Tinku’s Mother has left him here 3 months ago. She was in her last stages of cancer when she left him in our school. Since there was no one to look after Tinku after her death, she requested us take him in. Later the next week, we received the news that she has left this world. We haven’t informed Tinku about this. 

  Ignorance indeed is bliss”, I thought to myself looking at the little kid smiling at me from a distance. I left the place with heavy heart, but promised myself to visit here every alternate weekend.
As I stepped out, strange feeling passed through my blood...a sense of pride, a sense of responsibility, a sense of pleasure and a sense of satisfaction.

I kept visiting the orphanage regularly and one fine day after an Year...

I went to the school and spent some time with the children. After few  minutes I noticed that Tinku is missing in the group. In the past few months, Tinku has become my best friend. He tells me tales, jokes and plays pranks. 

I soon started searching for him. In spite of my search in garden,classrooms and  hostel, I couldn’t find him

Now, I got restless. At a distance in the green fields I found a something moving. I stared again and found it is human and slowly I started walking towards him. I walked for five minutes in the green fields. I could recognize Tinku standing under the Peepal tree.  I saw him praying to the statue of Goddess Chamundi under the Peepal tree. I saw him offering “ Sampoorna Lakshmi Pooja Pack ”. (The other day he bought a packet incense sticks from the money which his mother gave him when she left.)

Tinku: Hey Maa..I am thankful to you for bringing Uncle in my life. Now it has been an year since Mumma has left me. I am now convinced that she is never going to come again. For fulling my dreams you have sent him in my life. I just want to ask you to keep uncle healthy, happy and joyful all the time.

God and me both heard his prayers. At that moment, I have decided to adopt him. I spoke to the orphanage and made necessary arrangements to take him to my home on the auspicious occasion of DIWALI.  I bought Diya’s and Crackers for the family. Also, for Tinku I have ordered a pooja set  After all now he is going to be part of my family.

Have you ever heard of thanksgiving,
To God, for his deeds
Here I say,
I lit the Diya’s with the matchsticks,
For, it has enlightened me with Knowledge and wisdom
I offer the incenses
For, it has filled our lives with sweet fragrance
I read the hymns and Play prayers from CD
For, it has generated positive vibrations in me
I offer Sandal, Kumkum and Haldi
For, it has blessed me with  purity,  ability and tranquility
I offer the aromatic Camphor
For, it has brigtened me to become responsible and helpful
I offer myself wholesome,
For, I am his seed
I offer myself with innocence and gratitude
For, the divine blessings
For, his deeds through me
I offer myself with clean and pure heart
I offer him all that in Cycle Pure Sampoorna Laksmi Pooja pack.

 This Diwali is going to be delightful , prosperous and memorable.

(The story and all characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.)

This post is written as a part of a blogging contest titled: ‘Everyone has a reason to pray’. The sponsors of the contest are Pure Prayer (of Cycle Pure Agarbathies) & the contest is in association with Ripple Links. 


  1. I am impressed. Very inspiring! Such small acts of kindness can make this world a better place. keep up the good work.

  2. @ Renuka and Indrani..
    The story is purely ficition. Though I wish to do something of that sort one day in future.
    Thanks for dropping by . :)