Sunday, October 13, 2013

a sip of coffee and a dip in love..

Okay...Now that I am alone and bored on a sexy Sunday evening, I have decided to have a cup of coffee and  plan for next week.

As I took the first sip of breeze kissed my cheeks and I was forced to open the windows of my  bedroom.... I felt tiny droplets of water sprinkling on my face..and it started drizzling.. 

Fine, I have got  hot breeze ....water droplets from clouds can life become boring.., freedom and joy..... there is nothing I could ask more

Fresh air brought back memories which are still bright, everlasting and eternal...

First crush memories with first sip of coffee..

My dad worked as an assistant engineer in Indian Railways. His customary transfers once in three years gave me exposure to different cultures and people. We moved between states and cities.I was in school when I met Rohan. Rohan and his family moved to  Bangalore, when his dad got transferred from Mumbai. They used to stay in our neighborhood. Soon the family got accustomed to the locality and Rohan became my classmate in School and Tuition.

He was fair, slim with sharp features. Although he was shy earlier, later we became good friends. Rohan, Mallika, Jai,Sruthi, Akash and myself were part of Railway Kids Association, Bangalore. In every competition and contests he made sure to succeed with prizes and medals. Rohan’s intellectual capabilities were always praised. Unlike other kids who were jealous of Rohan, I had a soft corner for him. Waiting for him in the tuition or playground was always like thorny ride for me. In spite of his achievements, he was humble and caring. 

Sumtira aunty, Rohan’s Mother is a lovely lady. She always carried the most precious smile on her face. She appeared like a fairy from the wonderland. Rohan is true reflection of his mother. Sumitra aunty is fond of gardening and had all varieties of flowers in their garden. Jasmines were more special in summer. Every day during summer she used to send fresh Jasmines to my house. Exchange of food and flowers has become part and parcel of our lives. Rohan and myself were part of delivery service.

Those 45 days of summer holidays were my most  happiest and memorable days. I kept waiting for him daily at 6.00 pm to deliver the Jasmines, just like Radha waiting for Krishna in Vrindavan.
Two months later, there came an unforgettable day in my life. Papa was transferred to another city. He was promoted to higher level and we had to leave Bangalore. The last I remember is when we left the colony,  Rohan and his family bidding bye to us. 

Rohan Gulati - The name brings back my beautiful childhood memories, never ending games we played, all friends who are close my heart. 

First sip of coffee and first crush is always pure, ecstatic and absolute bliss like the fragrance of fresh Jasmine.

Thanks to social networking sites through which I met Rohan again.
Rohan Gulati –  IIM Bangalore graduate working for Royal bank of Scotland is now settled in London with his wife.

[This write up is purely fictional and does not resemble any incident in real life]

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