Saturday, August 3, 2013

Two Sides of a Coin

I asked her one day “how can she be so selfless?". Seems she didn't understand my question or didn't want to answer, she just smiled at me and said “God bless” when I dropped few one rupee coins in her white plastic box.

I saw her daily on my way to office. She used to sit near the temple with her old dusty plastic box. Her faded cotton sari is torn thither and thither. In a busy place like Mumbai, where people ignore looking at the happenings around, I saw this 75-80 years old lady near the Ganesh temple on the busiest road in Andheri. At first instance I presumed her as any other drifter as fake as many others I see in local trains.

Every day I observed her on my way. One sunny day, I saw her with a street dog. She was feeding him biscuits and left over bread which someone has given. The next day I saw her buying Parle G biscuits with 2 rupees in her box and started feeding the 2 or 3 dogs nearby. I always saw her surrounded by street dogs, She feeding them biscuits.

My job profile lands me in meeting new people every day. One fine day, I met a customer who is into steel retail business. As all his banking transactions are through us and obviously I get to see him every other day. One day, he approached me and requested for closure of one his current accounts (Business Account). As per the process I suggested him to withdraw cash from his account and processed his request. There was 90 paise left in the account. As we cannot pay him by cash, we gave him Demand Draft (DD) for ninety paise.

On handing him DD the next day, I saw a slight disappointed look on his face. He said “Madam, why did you given me Demand Draft, Now I cannot deposit it any account as I have closed all accounts on this name”. I was shocked to hear this. I kept on listening “You should have told me this earlier, I would have transferred it into any other account or have thought of alternative option”. I took a deep breath and explained him that as per the process we are mandated to pay him all the money that he own after closing the account, be it one paise. Since it is not possible to give it cash, we have only one option of Demand draft.  My colleague jumped in to explain and tried to convince him. While leaving he said “whatever, you have wasted my money”.

ABC BANK LIMITED                                                          Payable at Mumbai

Rupees            NINETY PAISE ONLY                          
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Authorized Signatory

I was dumbstruck by his words, A person with a net worth of three crores is worried about his ninety paise??

See the contrary, a person who doesn't have home of her own, clothes to cover herself, enough food to survive is selflessly spending her petty earnings on street animals.

Two sides of a coin – self explanatory..!!

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