Sunday, April 14, 2013

Birthday Cake

It was just yesterday I was in mummy’s arms. Sometime ago I rode on papa’s back. I fought with my little brother for a piece of cake and pencil box.  It was then I had beautiful world with my buddies from Play school and gang of little naughty neighbours. It was all fun playing with them kabaddi, caroms and cricket. We plucked mangoes from neighbouring farm and guava’s from the huge plant at the backyard.

Years passed by like minutes.  Too Many experiences, many cities and many people came through all along the way. Choices switched, Priorities refined, views broadened. My most favourite mamma's recipes were replaced by Chinese noodles and Italian pastas. Thus adapting to the new things became as dynamic as switching television channels. But I still love listening to Carnatic music, painting randomly, and reading those fancy girly Barbie books.

There were people who held my hand in bad times, who powered my confidence and will power. There were some who made me realize the real world. They made me think much more worthy things and focus on my goals and vision. It altogether gave me new dimension to look things at. I can spend hours to find what my achievements are and end up listing nothing. I simply say “I don’t know if it is my success or this is what I really want to be ? ".  Pretty controversial topic. Isn't it?

 “Success and failures are part and parcel of life”
I read somewhere "there are no mistakes or failures, only lessons”
I call them incidents, some make happy and some gloomy
We are all here in the play school of life, almighty is our teacher.
Each incident has to teach lesson, not from book but life
Master the lesson, you will pass the next one.
And then..
Now, you already know question paper set
But he is there to set the most difficult paper with twists n turns
Be brave, face the challenges and show him your capability
Happy incident is right behind it, happy incident here - you call it success

(He: GOD)

You definitely have to look back once to memorize the lessons. But I am not analysing the success and failure here.  It’s too early to do that. Agree? There are many milestones to be crossed, peaks to be climbed. I surely can smile and take pride at the journey which had gone by.

 Wherever life takes me few things remain eternal. I am still mamma's little Princess and Papa’s pet.  The 5 foot X inch girl is still the baby “chikki” for all uncles, aunts, big brothers and sisters. I Promise I will do mistakes again for there are now many people around to take care of me and after all I am now that matured girl who is independent, strong and determined. Though life seems so imperfect and chaos at this moment, hope in my eyes never dies. I am packed and set for the long journey. Hope for best things to happen to me and success all through the path. Hope to become strong and beautiful personality “WOMEN OF SUBSTANCE “(As one of my friend call me so out of affection and empathy towards me)

Here I am with all these thoughts flashing my mind with my 24Th birthday cake welcoming 25th year with sparkle in my eyes and positive vibrations for the next 75 years to face the hardships and happiness. (100 years Life expectancy when Global warming is at its maximum speed ISN'T IT TOO MUCH: P)


  1. too good sindhu.. nannu hero ga petti oka cinema plan chesadu maa friend. daaniki nuvve script writer.

  2. Happy bday baby !!

    Good start into blogging....wish to read more of ur creative thoughts here.
    Wish u oodles of energy to write & mny mny comments & likes.

    1. @ puli thanks a lot
      @anonymous thanks buddy for your encouraging words..!!
      will surely come up with good posts.

  3. hello sindhu :) Such a long time ... Nice blog :)
    All this was such a fun with you and all the friends :)
    "gang of little naughty neighbours. It was all fun playing with them kabaddi, caroms and cricket. We plucked mangoes from neighbouring farm and guava’s from the huge plant in the backyard."

  4. hey aditya...truly unbelievable to hear from u...
    Yeah...those were such cherishing moments, I can never forget in life..