Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mood Swings

I have been trying to write something on my mood swings from past few minutes. But, my mood swings are so random that after every two lines I switch to some other topic. There is nothing much that I can put it right now because many thoughts are fighting for space in my little brain. High excitement for a second, extreme frustration for a minute, disgusting thoughts for a moment are in the battle field to win the space in the cerebral hemisphere of my little comp.

 I am on the verge of losing hope to find the answer to the flashing thoughts of my mind. My hunt to find hidden reason behind this began long back when I was trying to find the phase of my life. My research on positive and negative things happened to me made it more confusing. I still evaluate on which side I stand – positive or negative. It is very difficult for a person to explain or evaluate his exact phase of life.

Human psychology is never completely understood because it is again a human who is trying to understand. (I simply mean to say that an alien would have understood it better). Do we need studies or research or thesis presentations to understand ourselves the so called high intellectual creatures? Ask a psychologist what are his mood swings ?. Probably the answer would be unsatisfying as he/she on a mission to find out what others feel, and they forget themselves in this period. After such huge discussion on these life threatening problems why do they want to make thesis statements and propose theories which cannot at all be generalized. My whole point is that these statements come to me in the form of subjects like organizational behaviour and consumer behaviour. They make me sit the whole night understanding the behaviour of people when I am trying to find out the reasons for my mood swings and unusual behaviour.

  By now even you must have observed the swings of my mood.  Why I am saying this is that I started this putting words about my mood swings. Slowly it went into life phase, psychology, finally ended up with the pestering topic of my studies and subjects. Round, round and round and revolve around the same topic studies, marks, grades and then life.

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