Friday, March 29, 2013

Don't Go..Don't Go

Don’t go miles away, Don’t cross seas across
Don’t go far off lands, Don’t go leaving me…
You are my only reason for smile, you are my only reason to live
You are my only friend, you are my only love
Don’t go Don’t go….

You taught me how to live, You taught me how to love
You taught me how to laugh, You taught me how to sing and dance
Me without you, is nothing less than a dead plant
For, you are my supporting stem, and I am your creeper
Don’t go Don’t go….

When cities enjoyed the festivals of light and joy
And when I was weeping, none heard my cry
When people were blabbering with glory and music
And when my heart sank to the bottom, none heard my story
You shared my sorrow, you cured my pain
You cared for me, you fought for me dear soul mate I am nothing without you dear soul mate its my turn now.. dear soul mate Don’t go…don’t ever go……

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