Saturday, February 10, 2018

On a dinner date

Just when I decided to behave sophisticated while eating with perfectly manicured waxed hands holding fork and knife, shaped and coloured fragile nails brimming sexily, delicate fingers gently tapping my lipstick filled arched lip corners with decoupage tissues after each morsel, a plate of biryani was served on the table.

Then what?

My jungliness was exposed instantly when munching chicken leg piece.

My bae thanked the waiter and left immediately. Darn !! I have no clue why he did that.

I still have another leg piece to finish. Anyone wanna join?

Sunday, February 4, 2018

After Betrayal

To my heavy heart, moist eyes
To my onerous step, shoddy lungs
To my mourning lips, dead ears
To my longing cheeks, trembling fingers
To my lifeless hair, withering skin
I tell to console themselves
I tell to gather strength
I tell to rejuvenate and coax each other
For he is gone far beyond
Leaving me midway
For that bloody bitch
Who wears luring kohl
And annoying heels
I pray for them to reach hell
Soon and jointly!

World Human's Day

One fine day, few people felt there is a need to declare a particular day of the year to celebrate a cause, success, in memory of a person or a mission. So, they declared 1st December for the cause they were working for. Since they did, some other set of humans did declare another day for their celebration. This became epidemic. People round the globe started dedicating days for “dogs, cats, diseases, bicycles, rocks, emotions, activities....etc”. There were “World safety pin day” and “World lazy day” too. 365 days were all booked. No day was left out.

A wise gentleman one day realized that humans declared days for emotions, pets, luxury items but they haven’t declared a day for themselves. So, a highly intellectual team sat down to brainstorm. Unfortunate, all the days were booked. So, it was decided that Humans will share their day. Finally, the team was happy that they were declaring “World human’s day”. They rejoiced. But, wild pigs weren’t happy with this decision. Why? Because humans were sharing the day declared for pigs, and little piglets considered themselves superior than “Humans”.

They say "Humans create more dirt on Earth than us".

P.S. Absolutely pun intended.

Little Worries


Your alarm might have ditched you wickedly
You might have missed your bus
You might have skipped your breakfast
You might have been the victim of splashed muddy water by a speedy car
You might be running out of liquid cash
You might have been embarrassed for reporting late to an important meeting
You might have ate fried fish by mistake on an auspicious tuesday
You might have given the exam badly
You might have had an argument with your wife, mom, brother, boss, colleague or an unknown person
You might have had a bad day till now
You might be in deep soup, turmoil and suffering

Chill.. take a deep breath.. smile and say "Bring it on".

Life is too big to worry about little things.

Long and Mini

Sindhura in a long dream on a long working Saturday is longing for a long vacation on the long island, for gazing long distance soccer hulks, with a utopian long-sight, while sipping long island, occasionally peeping into longman dictionary during long talks with white men, embellishing a long skirt and a long pebble necklace.


Minnie and I went to a restaurant decorated with the miniature art, to buy a mini burger with the minimum shells we saved, in a mini cab, when a minion of the store greeted us in a minute explaining us the benefits of the mini meal and a choice of complimentary offer which was to choose between Mini Mathur show or a tattoo of Disney’s Minne, thus provoking my friend Minnie to steal her favourite tattoo and flee away on the mini bike sans worrying about her mini skirt, thus,compelling the minion to complain to the ministry of home about the minimal loss the miniature meal store incurred. 

What's in 2018?

What’s in 2018?

Hindu Priest
We are reaching nearer to the end of the world. There is no hope left in this world. This world is an illusion as Krishna said. Hail Kaliyug.

Buddhist monk
Love more. Spread positivity.

Vedic Astrologer
The year is excellent/good/bad for x,y,z,v zodiac signs. Saturn will leave X house and enter Y house. There will be sudden churn of events in politics, economics.

Christian Priest
Oh ! Saviour of the world, protect us from satan and bad influences. Amen !!

Party Animal
Another day to celebrate. Let’s get high on substance and alcohol.

We are in 21st century. Still you want to stick to your religions and faiths? Grow up !!

Take oath to become a humanist first and then take names of your countries, religions and regions.

The year will see great wonders in the space. Earth will watch rare cosmic phenomena happening in the milky way. And we will advance more in space research.

I say
2018, please be nice to me unlike your gone brother. I beg you !

Friday, January 26, 2018

How often do we say “I love you”

I grew up in a household and society that reeks patriarchy and there were (are) a lot of taboos around topics like “sex”, “love”, “menstruation”..etc. Girls were conditioned to fit in their age old definition. I was one too. Back then for most of us, “Love” translated to an emotion that triggers between a boy and a girl. Thanks to Bollywood, Tollywood and Kollywood for emboldening our views. Uttering this word almost meant sinful, whether knowingly or unknowingly.

Blame it on my ignorant levels, my brain was paralysed to an extent that I never said “Love you” to anyone till my early twenties. As my knowledge and views broadened, perspectives changed. I now wonder, how my conditioning has impacted the vocabulary I use even today. The way I convey my gratitude, express love, send wishes and how less I say “I love you” to people around me. To my parents, friends, cousins and to humans close to my mind.

Did you ever wonder how we are stuck many times at “Like” and hesitate to go ahead. For a change, why don’t you say “I love you” randomly to your spouse, child, parents, siblings. You will surely notice the change in dynamics of the relation. These four letters “l o v e”, when said in aforementioned order, have the power to stop wars, battles, which another four letter word “bomb” cannot do. “Love” is the only and one such word that has got magical healing powers and deserves to be said more than “Fuck”.